4 Best Steps to Take For a Child with Disability


We all want what’s best for our children. As a parent, you will go above and beyond to ensure the happiness, safety and well-being of your child. Having children is never easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. Children are the pride and joy of our lives!

Having a child with a disability can be tough. It can be isolating, and those generalized help books and well-meaning advice won’t always apply to a child with different every day needs. Of course, each disability can be incredibly different to the next, so excuse us if we, too, generalize. Yet, we’ve come up with some (hopefully) useful tips to consider when bringing up a child who is disabled.

1. Find support groups

This is probably one of the most beneficial things you can do, not just for you, but for your child. These can give you genuine, real life, real people support. Finding out how other parents help their loved ones can give you some guidance when you need it. You may find out things you never thought about that can transform your lives for the better.

If you can find a support network for your child too, this can make them feel more involved and less alone in what they are dealing with. From the less debilitating to the more restrictive of disabilities, all children can benefit from speaking to others with their condition.

The social aspect for both of you can be very wholesome too, especially so if the disability is one that is more physically limiting, meaning you and your child might not get out as much as you would like to.

Alternatively, if this is the case, the beauty of the internet and social networking sites is that there is a larger scope for support networks. This aids in the everyday motivation that sometimes you both need when times get tough, as well as building up friendships that are accessible when you and your child need it most.

2. Household equipment

There’s a lot of useful medical equipment out there, and some might not actually know it’s an option. From disabilities like Cerebral Palsy, to Multiple Sclerosis or chronic pain, manual equipment can make life that bit easier.

You can find adjustable beds, stair lifts, ramps and physical therapy equipment allĀ from jamesonmedical.com.

Have a look around too and see if there are other household additions that have been proven useful for others with the same disability as your child. From different kinds of aesthetic aspects to even something seemingly small like cutlery, there are tweaks you can make to every day items to make your child’s life easier.

3. Do your planning

Having a child with particular needs does require you to be a bit of a planner. Which you may have figured out by now! If they have a physical disability, check about stairs and wheelchair access. If you’re going to a new city or country, find out about the landscape. Some places can turn out to be quite physically exerting.

Wherever it is you’re going, even if it’s just to a new restaurant, think of the things your child will need. Toilets, calm atmospheres, wheelchair ramps, and special dietary requirements may be just some of the things that you need to keep in mind when heading out.

4. Speak to the right professional

As incredible as doctors are, when it’s a specific healthcare need at hand, some can be quite unsure on how to deal with it. Seek out a professional that specialize in your child’s disability. This helps prevent the misinformation and ignorance you can occasionally find in general healthcare professionals.

Alongside specialists, it’s good to get a team together who can help with each aspect of your child’s life. Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, care givers and dietitians can all be useful people to help you both through your journey.


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