Coworking Comparisons – How To Choose The Perfect Shared Space For Your Business


With more of the economic activity taking place through freelancing and flexible work than ever before in Australia, more of these entrepreneurs are looking for shared office solutions to provide structure to their working life. Increased demand for these spaces, however, has made it apparent that there is only a limited supply of high-quality coworking spaces.

Finding the best coworking space for the needs of your business takes some in-depth research and investigation. While looking at a serviced office comparison will help you decide on a more structured means of housing your team, comparing the various coworking packages available through a premium provider is a good first step.

Let’s look at some specific things to look for when choosing the perfect shared space for your business.

Look For A Prestigious Address

Finding a coworking space that is in a prominent and prestigious business district of your city is essential. Part of the reason why coworking spaces are so great for startups and entrepreneurs is the opportunities they offer for networking. Being in the heart of the economic activity of your city can open doors and establish connections that you otherwise would miss out on in a coworking office in a distant location.

Beyond that, you will also be able to use this prestigious address on your business documents. This can significantly improve your credibility when seeking to make your mark in the business community.

Ensure Office Essentials Are Included

Your business needs the structure of having basic office infrastructure provided in-house. Tasks like printing, scanning, and copying are ubiquitous in the day-to-day operations of most businesses. Make sure these facilities are readily available in your coworking space or you will waste valuable time running to third-party providers of these services.

High-speed internet is also a must for you to run your business from the coworking space. Make sure that this is included in your package and not something that requires you to pay an extra fee.

Find Professional Support

Small businesses and startups often lack the professional administrative support that larger companies take for granted. If this is your current situation, then a coworking space needs to and can address these deficiencies.

Look for a coworking provider who can offer you access to a receptionist and a secretary to assist you with essential daily tasks. Without having to hire additional staff and put them on your payroll, you can glean these benefits as a perk of choosing the right coworking provider.

Focus On Flexible Rental Rates

Look for a premium provider of coworking space who can offer you the flexibility of a month by month payment structure. This can allow your business to make better financial decisions such as whether to expand into a larger and more permanent serviced office or to enjoy the benefits of coworking on a semi-permanent basis.

Ideally, you will also be able to find a provider who offers several package options to suit different budgets and different working styles. Hot desking is popular for those who want to save on expenses and enjoy working beside different colleagues each day. If this style of work is not for you, then you need to have the option of using a desk that is dedicated to you that you can truly make your own.

Weigh Your Options

With a little research, it is sure to become clear that some coworking space providers are far superior to others. Compare the points raised here and weigh your options to find a space that works for the needs of your business.



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