4 Things to Do with Your Children on Your Day Off

Whether you are a looking for activities to do with your children at the weekend or during the school vacations approaching, you are likely worried about keeping them entertained for a long period of time. It is important that you have a varied selection of activities that you can do with your kids. Children can easily become bored, and bored children are more likely to misbehave and be disruptive. So, by having a few different activities prepared, you can limit the amount of bad behavior and tantrums that you’ll have to endure. Therefore, we have put together some great ideas of things to do with your children on your day off. Whether you are home or away, you and your kids can do these activities without too much time or preparation.

Head to the Local Park

Most parents have experienced naughty and restless children due to them being been stuck in the house all day, so as nice as it is to spend your day off at home relaxing, you should take an hour out where you can to go to the local park. This is a great way to give your children some free time to run about and explore without you having to worry about them destroying the house! If you live locally to a park, then great – you don’t even need to take the car, and the walk will burn off some extra energy. But don’t worry if you don’t have a park nearby – the car journey there will be worth it, and the one on the way back will probably be silent!

See a Show

During the school vacation when you have some spare time together with your children, you may decide to treat them and catch a show together! This is both a fun, educational, and cultural activity that you can enjoy just as much as your children will. Whether you take your kids to see their favorite band, to see a sports event, or even to see the latest theatre performance, you will find all the tickets you need at TicketSales.com.

Have a Duvet Day

While it is important to keep your kids entertained and active, you should also remember that it is impossible to be doing something with them every minute of every day. At some point, you or your children are going to need a rest, and spending some quality time together doesn’t necessarily mean doing something that costs a lot of money or effort. So don’t feel bad about jumping under the duvet on the sofa and watching your favorite movies together.


Generally, parents are conscious of ensuring that their children regularly engage in physical exercise, and the best way to do this is to make exercise a fun activity. So, spend your next day off together going swimming, joining a dance class, or going for a long walk in a local nature spot.

By following these tips, you can make the most of your time off having fun with your children!


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