5 Reasons Why All Kids Should Learn To Play An Instrument

Learning a musical instrument is great for your kids. It’s good fun and it gives them a creative outlet that they can use to express themselves. You might need some earplugs to get through the first few months of practice because they won’t sound great but it’s worth making that sacrifice because it benefits them in so many ways. These are just some of the reasons that learning to play an instrument is good for your kids.

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It Teaches Patience 

Patience is an important skill for all children to learn and, playing a musical instrument is a great way to do it. They won’t be able to sit down at a piano and play right away, they’ll have to start off with the basics and work through a beginner’s guide to piano before they can create anything that sounds remotely like music. But if you encourage them to persevere until they get better and better, it shows them the value of patience. They will get a real sense of achievement and understand that hard work and perseverance pays off. This is a mentality that they will take into all areas of their life, so it will be a huge help to them in the future.

It Improves Coordination 

Parents are often told that they should get their kids into sports because, aside from keeping them active, it’s a good way to improve their coordination. But not all children are interested in sports, so playing a musical instrument is a good alternative. When playing an instrument, they need to concentrate on reading the music whilst also using their hands to play at the same time, so it improves coordination a lot.

It Helps With Math 

This is one that people don’t often think about, but music is built around mathematical patterns. The scales and chords are all based on numbered patterns, so learning to play music can also help to improve math skills. This is especially useful for kids that are more creatively minded and get bored by math lessons at school.

It Gets Them Away From Screens 

Parents often feel like they’re fighting an uphill battle against screens. Tech addiction is a big problem, especially in teens, so it’s important that you find ways to limit their time using screens. There are some great parental control apps that you can use but you’ll find it a lot easier to convince them to cut down on screen time if you give them alternative activities. Music is a great hobby for kids that helps to convince them to put the screens down for a while.

It Encourages Self Expression

Managing mental health in children is so important, but some kids find it hard to express themselves, especially if they are working through difficult emotions. But music gives them a creative outlet for those emotions and helps them learn to express themselves more.

These are just some of the great benefits of learning a musical instrument, so you should consider encouraging your children to pick up this great hobby.


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