Fun Ways To Get Your Kids Outside More Often


With all the technology in the hands of kids today, it can seem like they stare at a screen all day. So many parents are struggling with getting their kids outside more often. It can be tough to come up with ideas that are active, fun and interesting enough to get kids’ attention.

Too much screen time can be harmful to your child’s development and health. Kids need to be out in the sun and the fresh air. Spending more time outdoors can help improve your child’s sleep cycle as well as strengthen their immune systems.

Something as simple as getting them outside to help in the garden or hide out under your backyard awning from businesses like and play a game with their friends can help them start to enjoy spending time outdoors. Try some of these fun ways to get your kids outside more often.

Covered Porch

If you live in an area that has a full four seasons you might wish that you got more use out of your outdoor spaces. You can use your porch all season long if you have the right protection.

If it’s too hot or too rainy, it can be tough to get your kids to leave the comfort of the couch willingly. Keep safe, dry and shaded with a patio cover, pergola or gazebo where your kids can relax in comfort.

Have More BBQs

Nothing is better than eating your dinner fresh off the barbeque out on the patio. Discover the beauty of an outdoor evening in your backyard and enjoy a family dinner together.

Family Walks

Make it a habit to take a family walk every night after dinner. A daily walk is a great way to get to know your neighborhood, talk about your days and get a little exercise.

Outdoor Toys

Kids might get bored quickly if there is nothing for them to do once you get them outdoors. Have a range of outdoor toys around to keep your kids busy. Sports balls, a tire swing or a volleyball net are the perfect toys to keep your kids outside and active.

Plant A Garden

Get your kids involved in growing a garden. Give them the responsibility to water and weed the garden so they can feel part of the growing process.


Kids can’t resist the fun of a campfire. Add a fire ring or fireplace to your outdoor space to keep the kids heading outside for evening fun.

Set Screen Time Limits

With the pull of technology being so strong, one of the best ways to get your kids interested in other activities is to limit their screen time. Once their time is up they will need to look for other options including heading outside.


Kids today tend to stay indoors more than any other generation. Try a few of these fun ways to get your kids to join you outside more often. Get into the habit of going out and finding activities to do together as a family so that you set a good example for your kids.



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