Finally Get Your Dream Income

When you think about your dream income, you’ll probably only think about the money you’d win from the lottery. Everyone’s dream income is that of millions, meaning they don’t have to work again for the rest of their life. But the chances of this happening are so slim, and some part of us believes that the people they show winning the lottery on the TV are all fake, it’s rare for people to win. So life becomes this slog of trying to bring in enough money so you aren’t scraping the barrel come the middle of the month. We get into the routine of being used to the money that we have. We know exactly what our money is going to go on and when it’s going to go to it, and we can roughly guess how much the shopping will be each week. But what we don’t have is enough money spare to really indulge like we once used to be able to. When we were younger, our wages would go on buying snacks from the shop and ordering clothes. So, we want to show you can you can finally get to your realistic dream income, or at least be working towards it.


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Realise Education Is Power 

Education truly is power when looking at career potential. It never used to be this way, however. Not so long ago, you used to be able to walk into a job with minimal qualifications. In fact, your parents will have probably told you stories about the qualifications they left school with, telling you how they were forced into work. So the generation before us didn’t really focus on education, they were focused on being the workhorses that was driving the country towards greatness. But in doing so, they also made businesses become far more particular about the people that they’re hiring. Instead of going for the person who seemed to be the keenest, everyone is now competing against who is more qualified, who has a higher level of education, and who has the most experience. So you need to weigh up the possibility of going back into education to work towards your dream income, which will ultimately come from getting a better job. There are so many people who take the plunge and go back into education as a mature student, simply so they can get the job they want. The first step begins with finding a university that has a good reputation, as well as a broad range of subjects, such as the University of Southern California. University life is going to be far different than if you had gone when you were young, so don’t be worried about having to live the young lifestyle whilst you’re there. You simply need to focus on the task at hand, and get the course done. If actually going into a classroom is not ideal for you, you could do an online course which holds just as much value when searching for a job. There are now so many courses to be taken online, you’ll always be able to find one that relates to the niche that you want to end up in!

Get Your Career Steady

Having a steady career doesn’t mean having one where you’re tapping behind a computer screen all day. Unless of course that’s what you want to do. Some highly paid jobs require people to sit behind a desk all day. But by a steady career, you don’t want to find yourself in one where you’re bored out of your mind all day. You want a career that’s steady in terms of not being fired anytime soon, but challenging enough so that you’re not twiddling your thumbs all the time. So to get your career steady, you need to think about whether a career move is for you. If you only feel comfortable in the role that you’re in, rather than actually feeling interested or challenged, then it’s time to move to a different career. One that you know is within a well established company that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but one that you know is going to push you to your limits.

Invest Your Money 

What we have been talking about so far requires a lot of effort. It’s so easy to have the willing to want to earn more money, but you might not be financially stable enough to just switch jobs and lose out on a month’s pay, no doubt. You might not have the time to go back into education and commit to a course that’s no doubt going to be longer than a year. So, there are other ways that you can boost your income every single month, without having to even leave your home. You can invest your money into the many investment options that are available, and see where it gets you. The important thing to remember is that investments are not always going to work out. Sometimes you can invest a ton of money and it won’t come back to you in the form of profit. So you have to be careful and calculated when choosing what you’ll invest in. You could choose to invest in a long term savings bond. Although you won’t see the money come back to you for years, it’s a long term investment that will one day give you a big pot of money to play with. Or, you could go for an investment that has more of a rapid turnaround, such as Forex. Forex works best when you have a financial advisor or investment broker telling you to put your money, where and when.

Progressions Galore

Finally, after speaking about all of this, it might be that you’re doing fine in the career that you’re in and it is your dream job. If so, then you need to be the one that’s progressing up. Find out what are the best routes for progression within the company that you work for, and work towards them. Progression is always going to equal money, but we don’t often have the energy to go for one. Or we don’t have the guts because we think we won’t get it. So, take the time to ask the right questions, and find out if you are eligible for progression!


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