How to start your embroidery business at home

What is the Best Embroidery Machine?

So, our story about organizing a home embroidery business finally came to the question, which is rightly considered the main one in this case: “what is the best embroidery machine for home business?” Despite the fact that this question sounds quite simple, the answer to it is from so simple.

The answer, or, more correctly, the answers, will depend on a number of objective and subjective actors for each particular case. We will consider the most basic of these factors so that each of you can, taking them into account not only correctly answer this question, but really choose the embroidery machine suitable of his business.

To begin with, we will talk about the categories of embroidery machine that may be of interest to beginning businessmen. Then, we give a list of those very factors, systemizing them according to the “needs” of each home embroidery “enterprise”. Also, we “season” this whole day theory with theory with examples of embroidery machine, recommended by both the manufacturers themselves and their professional users. Well, are you ready for the next batch of embroidery information? Then let’s begin.

What should define the concept of “the best embroidery machine for home business?

Here are 10 main features thanks to which many have already made their choice in favor of these machines in their embroidery business.

  1. 6/10 needles and mobility: 60% of existing designs can be embroidered with a 6-needle embroidery machine without replacing threads, and more than 90% of designs can be embroidered with a 10-needle embroidery machine without replacing threads. Just imagine how much time is saved compared to embroidering on a 1-needle embroidery machine. Despite the increase in productivity due to the increase in needles, the machine remains mobile, it is designed in such a way that 2 people can easily cope with its transportation, this is a winning feature in comparison with industrial devices.


  1. Automatic threading: the automatic threading system allows you to refill them as quickly and simply as possible, despite their number.


  1. Automatically detect the size of the hoop using the built-in sensors, as well as the embroidery hoop and supporting table included (only with PR1050X). The maximum hoop size of the PR1050X is 20% larger than that of the PR670E, and the support table is very convenient for embroidering large and heavy items.


  1. Additional embroidery hoop for baseball caps: this type of embroidery is not available for any household embroidery machine. This is a unique opportunity to expand the range of products offered. Statistics show that the most embroidered designs are logos on the left chest of clothes, they are embroidered by 80% of professional embroiderers, but at the same time, embroidery on baseball caps also does not lag behind – 50% of professionals embroider on these products.


  1. Extra hoops for various purposes: in addition to the embroidery hoop from the kit and the hoop for baseball caps, there are a number of hoops for the unlimited possibilities of the machine, including hoops for embroidery on shoes and collars, compact hoops for embroidering miniature designs in hard-to-reach places ( for example, pockets), a hoop for embroidery on sleeves, a cylindrical hoop for embroidery on trousers, a hoop for embroidering border designs and others …


  1. Large LCD screen: a powerful 10.1” HD LCD display with a bright crystal-clear image. Navigation is carried out as conveniently as possible with the help of a scrolling interface and large clear icons. The screen has 16.7+ millions of various shades of colors, and settings allow you to adjust the brightness as desired.


  1. USB and SD ports: using a USB flash drive or SD card, the machine is imported into and exported from the machine for embroidery designs.


  1. Embedded designs, fonts and editing functions: more than 600 ready-made embroidered designs for embroidery and 37 fonts, along with powerful editing functions, provide an unlimited variety of options.


  1. Convenient software functions, including: customizable speed for each individual needle, depending on the thread used; manual adjustment of the sequence of embroidered colors. Also, 2 types of embroidery files PES (mainly used on household embroidery machines) and DST (usually used with industrial embroidery machines) are available to users – all this becomes possible because PR-series machines combine all the know-how from industrial machines, and software from household machines.


  1. Ideal positioning of embroidery: for the 6-needle PR670E, the positioning is done with the help of an LED pointer that shows where the needle goes down, and for the PR1050X with the built-in camera and scanner, which transmits the image to the LCD screen in real time, which gives the ability to place the design in the desired place before embroidery starts.


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