Keep Them Coming Back: 4 Tips That Encourage Return Customers

Small businesses depend on loyal and return customers to be successful. Repeat customers not only spend more money with you but also spread the word about your company. To encourage buyers to come back through your business’s doors time and again, follow these four tips.

Offer a Loyalty Program

A loyalty program encourages customers to continue shopping somewhere by rewarding them with discounts or other incentives. Try setting up a loyalty program for your frequent buyers that will provide them with incentives such as special savings, freebies, or advance access to new products. You can also offer customers a reward card that lets them accumulate points for each purchase, which they can put toward discounts on future purchases. The goal is to not only keep these loyal customers coming through your door but also encourage good word-of-mouth.

Boost Brand Recognition

Trusted, recognizable brands often have more return customers. Stand out from the competition and assert your company as a respected brand by increasing awareness. Make sure customers can easily recognize your business name, logo, products or services, and characteristics associated with it. You can do so by sharing your company’s story on social media outlets such as Instagram and interacting with your target audience on Facebook. Other ways to increase brand recognition include guest blogging, partnering with other brands, creating shareable content such as infographics, and encouraging customer reviews.

Make Your Space Inviting

Customers won’t want to return to your business or store if they’re uncomfortable there. If your space is warm and inviting, however, you’re more likely to make a great first impression. Decorate the space with welcoming colors. Have a comfortable lounge or seating area for customers. Keep things clean and uncluttered. Add special touches such as plants and greenery or complimentary coffee and water. Maintain the correct air temperature to make sure customers aren’t too hot or cold. If you’re struggling to keep your business environment cozy, you might need to have your HVAC system serviced regularly.

Practice Exceptional Customer Service

Top-notch service is often at the heart of customer retention. Make sure your staff is well-trained in customer service and in handling any issues. Listen to and get to know your customers so you can provide them with a more personal experience. Have a real person answering the phone, and return calls and messages promptly.

Also, make sure to go above and beyond to correct mistakes or handle unhappy clients. The way you deal with a customer complaint can reflect on your company best. If you can remedy a potentially negative situation quickly, positively, and professionally, that customer might be more likely to return to your place of business and even recommend your company to others.

Repeat customers can drive your business. Not only are they loyal to your small business but they cost less to acquire than new customers. If you’re lucky, they’ll also help promote your company through word of mouth and positive reviews. Keep these tips in mind when encouraging customers to return.


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