Tricks To Tackle The Summer Education Drought

As a parent you may not think too much about the summer education drought. However, it can be an issue, particularly if you are keen to ensure that your child reaches their full potential at school.

Basically, through the summer months kids are off school for weeks on end. Many will have virtually no educational experiences through this time. It’s fairly uncommon for teachers to set homework and even if they do, it’s usually completed at the last minute, or completely forgotten.

This is a problem because it means that when they eventually do return to the classroom, their minds are completely blank. All the knowledge they gained in the previous year has vanished. Now in some cases this can be useful but in others it’s a nightmare for teachers who feel like they are back to square one with a class. So, here are some of the ways to avoid the summer drought.

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Educational Trips

Yes, you can think about booking in a few educational trips over the summer period. There are plenty of museums that make educating kids as fun as possible with great activities and adventures within the four walls. You can also think about going somewhere like Disney World and seeking out educational activities too. Believe it or not these do exist from Living With The Land in Epcot to the Carousel of Progress and much more. Each of these provides information that is fascinating and useful to children. Alternatively, how about just taking a trip to an art gallery and fueling their creative energy?

Summer School

When your kid starts to approach the age where they need to start thinking about college, summer school can be a useful option. Summer programs for high school students are designed to provide a deeper dive into some of the topics that they may be interested in. Attending a summer school will also look great when you apply for a college because it shows a willingness to go the extra mile. That’s important because a lot of kids will simply settle by doing the bare minimum. Summer schools can be fun too and a great way to develop social skills and get involved with different activities.

Set Mini Asignments

For younger children, you can consider setting little assignments for them to complete through the summer. This could include anything from writing about activities that they enjoyed on holiday or perhaps a short story. Anything like this is going to help them stretch their creative muscles. Alternatively, video games can also be useful, if they are the right type. There are many video games that involve problem solving which is useful for children when developing skills in critical thinking. You might want to research a few of these.

We hope this helps you understand some of the ways that you will be able to combat the summer drought. Do this and you can make sure that your kids are ready to start the school year as soon as they walk back into the classroom.

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