4 Ways to Turn Your New House Into a Home

When you first move into a new place, you don’t really get much apart from bare walls, a kitchen’s worth of cabinets and appliances, possibly a washer and dryer, and a slight echo in the empty rooms. It’s not very homey when it’s like that, and it might not seem like your home, even after you’ve moved in all the furniture and brought all your boxes to the right rooms. However, there are a few things you can do to give your new home those final touches after you put everything away.

Focus on Comfort

Maybe you have a picture in your head of just how the layout of your new place should look. Maybe you’ve picked out some new furniture that will look perfect with the light and the curtains. It could be that you plan on placing your old furniture just right to get the ambiance you want.

Either way, if you aren’t having any luck getting things to look just the way you want them, it might not be worth the effort. Instead, focus on creating a comfortable place where you can relax and unwind. That’s more important than looking good.

Add the Right Scents


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Humans don’t think about smells as often as sights and sounds. But people can be very particular about the smells they like and dislike. Plus, smells have a strong connection to the memory section of the brain. Thanks to that, the smell of a new home can make you feel like you aren’t where you belong, even after you’ve started ignoring it.

To fix that, try bringing in some smells you like and spread them around. Scented candles, perfumes, potpourri air fresheners, incense, and even scented body wash can help a new place feel more familiar.

Clean the Place From Top to Bottom

Even if the last owner did you the favor of bringing in professional cleaners to make the whole building spotless, there’s something to be said about putting in some cleaning time yourself. You could think of it as a ritual to sweep out the previous owners and sweep in your own occupants. Plus, it gives you a chance to look for spots the previous owners might have missed or avoided.

You should also take some time to inspect the appliances and utilities and bring in HVAC experts and other home contractors for one last inspection before you finish the move.

Put Yourself on the Walls

There are many options when it comes to the bare walls above and next to your furniture. Photos, paintings, posters, and illustrations can all go up as quick and easy decorations, and chances are that you have plenty you’re bringing over from your old place.

Moving into a new house is about more than just moving your furniture and belongings. It’s about feeling comfortable and stress-free in a place that’s supposed to be your safe haven away from the world. To make your house one of those, you should be prepared to do a little more than just move your things around.




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