6 Surefire Ways to Feel More Confident and Classy

As a super busy working mom you barely have time to brush your hair, let alone pick out a chic outfit with perfect accessories to match. You long for the day when you wake up and feel completely put together from head to toe. Finding a balance between work, being an excellent mom and thinking about your style is a tough one. If you’re struggling more than ever to feel confident and classy, here are some ideas to help you get back on track.


    1. Accessorize Amazingly

One of the first ways to boost your confidence when getting ready for work in the morning is to choose your accessories wisely. Even if your outfit is a hot mess you can still manage to look super chic with silhouette glasses, oversized handbags and cute hats. Invest in a few staple accessories that you love and you will find it so easy to pull together a chic, smart and classy look.


  1. Discover a Savvy Skincare Routine

When there isn’t time to put makeup on every morning you need to make sure your skincare regimen is on point. Smooth out your skin by exfoliating twice a week and use a moisturiser with no oil so that your pores don’t become clogged throughout the day.


  1. Smarten Up Your Smile

Even though some days you really don’t feel like smiling, it can really go a long way. If you’re self conscious about your smile then consider teeth whitening or special toothpaste to brighten up your grin!


  1. Get Body Confident

Eating healthily and exercising often falls onto the back burner in your mind as you have a business to run and a family to support. The truth is, you won’t be running at maximum capacity if you don’t take care of yourself first. Your energy levels will be hugely affected if you don’t eat a balanced diet and move your body regularly. As soon as you implement these changes you will feel super confident in your own skin.


  1. Shake Up Your Style

Why not take this opportunity to make a change to your current style? Wear something you might never have considered before and see if it gives you confidence. You never know, you might find a super simple and chic way of dressing that makes you feel like the self assured and classy lady you are.


  1. Flaunt Your Figure

You never thought you could love your body again after having children, but you should always flaunt what you’ve got. Whether you’ve got amazing legs or the best waist, you need to buy clothes that make you feel absolutely unstoppable.


Moms that have to work don’t always have time to pull together a cute outfit and contour their skin perfectly. With these quick and simple ideas you will be able to feel classy and confident in no time. Even if you can’t prioritize all of these things right now, you will soon be able to find a healthy balance of everything that matters to you.

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