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Staying at home with the kids, it might feel like your day replays again and again with many of the same events. There’s cleaning the dishes, mopping up the floor after the little one pees on it, and getting through the tantrums. Then you go to bed knowing it’ll all happen again tomorrow. If you’re bored of the same thing every day, try these five activities to stop the monotony.


Be creative about how you fit exercise into your day without ignoring the kids. For example, if your children love the park, why not run around it a few times while they’re playing on the swings?

Or, if there’s a basketball court nearby, head to it for a friendly family game. See who can sink the most baskets within a certain time or who can dribble the ball the longest without losing control of it.

The amount of running you do around the court might surprise you! And getting exercise regularly feels great.

Try a New Destination

If you’re always going to the library for books with the kiddos, why not show them a new place to learn? They might love seeing a new environment as much as you do.

Simply being in a new place can break up the boredom and you’re bound to create new memories together too. As a break from the library, take fun PennyDell Puzzles with you on a picnic with the kids and pack coloring books for them.

Say No to the Laundry

Those piles of clothes won’t end. From the muddy socks to the juice stains on their shirts, children are messy. It’s a natural part of growing up so it’s hard to be made at them for it.

But constantly washing, drying, and folding laundry gets boring, so why not take a day-or-two break from it. If you can’t spare two days as there are not enough clean clothes, then stagger the laundry day, doing it every other day rather than a load daily.

Get Social

You’re allowed to have some alone time – In fact, personal time without the youngsters can help you avoid burnout.

If you feel like some adult conversation would be fun, then join a monthly book club. Or, maybe you’ll meet with friends for dinner and a movie. Merely getting out of the house can be a great way to stave off boredom and be mentally stimulating.

About Boredom at Home

It’s common to feel like it’s selfish to say you’re bored as a stay-at-home mom. But the chances are good that you’re not the only mother feeling this way. It doesn’t mean you love your kids any less than anyone else to say that your day is monotonous and that you’d like some fulfillment in it.

You’re allowed to complain, and now you have five solutions to make your day more exciting. Try one or try all of them. While you were bored in the past, now you’re not, and the kids will have a more content mom at the end of the day. It’s a win-win for everyone!



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