Choose the right criminal defence lawyer with these 6 tips

When you have a court case looming, it’s only natural to be worried about your future. However, when you have the right lawyer by your side, you should be able to feel hopeful that everything will turn out ok. That you’ll get your say, and that you’ll be cleared of all charges.

From DUIs to money laundering charges, there are many reasons why you might be looking for a criminal defence lawyer and like in most cases, whether it’s personal injury or family law, the right lawyer can make or break your case. Choosing a lawyer is difficult, but choosing the right lawyer is an incredibly overwhelming process. But don’t worry, I’ve gathered 6 simple tips that will help you choose your criminal defence lawyer.

Your lawyer should have the right experience

You wouldn’t ask an electrician to take a look at your plumbing. So, why would you ask a lawyer with no experience in criminal law to take on your case? When you choose a lawyer they must be experienced and qualified in the area of law you need. A criminal defence lawyer should have plenty of recent and relevant practice within criminal law and their company website should support these claims. The more recent the experience the more up to date their knowledge of the system will be.

Your lawyer should know the local courts

You may be charmed by a criminal defence lawyer with a great reputation and even greater rates in another part of the country. However, never underestimate the power and influence a lawyer with a good knowledge of the local courts can have on your case. A local lawyer will probably be familiar with how local judges operate and how they can tailor your case.

Reviews are important

Thanks to the internet you can get a pretty good look at the feedback provided by previous clients. However, don’t just rely on the wholly positive feedback present on their website. Head to Google+ and Facebook to see reviews of stars and ratings, as these websites don’t allow page owners to delete bad reviews! It’s a simple way to see if the lawyer in question is right for you.

Ask friends and family

If you have a family member, friend or work colleague who has had a positive experience with a criminal defence lawyer lately, then ask them for a referral. Get as much information about them as you can – their working practices, how well they kept the defendant in the loop and whether or not they were happy with the outcome.

They should have clear pricing structures

Rates, legal fees, contracts and pricing structures – all of these can quickly become confusing. A lawyer should always be transparent about their pricing structures and should not pressure you to sign something that you don’t understand.

They should be enthusiastic

Whether you’re guilty or not, any prospective lawyer should present themselves as eager and happy to work with you on your case. If they seem disinterested or eager for you to plead guilty then you should look elsewhere.



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