The Ultimate Laundry Room Makeover

Let’s face it, we spend more time than we like in the laundry room. If we are going to spend so much time in this one room, then why not make it one of the best rooms in the house? Keep these tips in mind as you design your ultimate laundry room makeover.

Plan for Plenty of Storage

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Think about all the things you have to store in the laundry room including the detergent, dryer sheets, laundry cleaner, and any other household items that have made a home in the laundry room. When you don’t have sufficient storage, things get thrown on the appliances and the floor. When it comes time to do the laundry, you are spending a lot of your time moving items around and then guessing if they are clean or dirty. Built-in cupboards and baskets can be very useful in a laundry room.

Design for Easy Access

Many laundry rooms serve double duty by housing either the hot water heater or the furnace in addition to the washer and dryer. Consider the tasks you do most often and then design a space that is easy to move around. If you are short on space, consider a stackable washer and dryer for more room to freely move about.

Additionally, keep in mind that you also need easy access to your furnace. Scheduling regular preventative maintenance inspections and routinely changing filters are important in maintaining the quality of your indoor air. Additionally, you don’t want those dusty allergens from the furnace making their way onto your freshly cleaned clothes.

Swap out Lighting

Even the lights in your laundry room can make a big difference. Upgrading your laundry room lights can increase your visibility, give the room a more modern look, and offer you more energy efficiency. The improved lighting might also boost your mood on those days when it seems like you are stuck in the laundry room all day.

Replace the Sink

Most laundry room sinks are old and chipped. This is because we often do not think about replacing our laundry room sink. However, you will likely notice an immediate improvement in the overall look of the room with a brand new laundry room sink. Also, opting for a larger sink with a cleaning wand can help you pre-soak clothing items or clean up dirty laundry room messes.


You carefully decorate the rest of your house, so why not your laundry room? Pick a color pattern, choose a theme, and get to designing. Opt for a bold color of paint or wallpaper pattern for a unique look. You can also spruce up the room a little by adding real plants in the windows. Choose a fun and bold throw rug and you now have a space you are proud to share.

Turn the mundane task of laundry into something more enjoyable with a full laundry room makeover. By paying attention to the organizational layout, the functionality, and the overall design, you might actually look forward to laundry day.



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