Tips for traveling with a baby on an airplane

There are lots of things which may have once been easy to you but now feel daunting with a new baby. Especially if you have had complications during your birth or are searching for a birth injury diagnosis. Everything can feel very overwhelming. You may have family far away and need to make the trip to see them despite feeling anxious about it. Whatever your situation, here are our top tips for traveling on an airplane with a baby.

Direct flight or a long break

If possible, try and book a direct lift. Take-off and landing are typically what puts pressure on the ears of your baby and may cause them to cry.

If you have to book a connecting flight, then try and leave a good amount of time between the flight, two hours or more will allow you to stay calm, take your time and change your baby.

Gate check extra gear

At no extra charge, you can usually check in things like pushchairs and car seats. At your airline’s gate, speak to staff, and they should be able to take these things off you before you get on the plane. This will also allow you to have everything you need right up until you get on the plane.

You may be able to pick it up from the airline gate when you get off the plane, or you may have to pick it up from the baggage claim. Ask the staff what their procedure is.


When you travel with a baby, you can board before anyone else. You may consider avoiding this to spend less time on the plane. However, getting settled before crowds of people board can make a big difference. Anything to reduce stress to you and your baby is a good thing.

Buy a seat for your child

Although children under the age of two can usually fly free, you may want to consider buying them a seat. This will give you space to spread out. It may also be safer for your child to have their own seat.

Bring plenty of supplies

Bring plenty of diapers, formula, bottles, food, any medicines you need, and some spare clothes. Baby formula or breast milk is exempt from liquid limitations when flying. Often when flying, things can go wrong. Delays and cancellations happen all the time, and you don’t want to be stuck without something you need. The last thing you want is a hungry or frustrated baby.

Protect your baby’s ears

A pacifier or for toddlers chewing on a cracker can help to protect the ears. Speak to your pediatrician who might prescribe your ear drops or suggests earplugs.

Prepare distractions

You may have to spend your entire flight keeping your baby happy. Bring some toys or something to keep them distracted.

Stay calm!

The most important thing is to stay calm. You might do everything you can, and your baby might still end up screaming. And that’s ok, it happens. Soon enough, you will land, and you will get to see family or explore a new place.



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