5 Ideas To Keep Your Kids Busy During The Quarantine




As the coronavirus crisis escalates, school is out and working from home is the new normal. During times of stress, it’s essential to keep our children calm and relaxed as far as possible. To keep yourself from going crazy, you’ll probably be looking for a few ideas to keep your children entertained indoors! Rest assured, there are plenty of options.

1 . Quiz Nights

Now this one might only work for slightly older kids; nevertheless, quiz-nights are a real fun way to fight boredom, plus you learn plenty along the way. Why not add a prize for the winner to make things that tad a bit more interesting? If you’re a bit creative, you might like to write your own kid-friendly quiz; if not, try a few of the options on your Amazon Alexa. Failing this, there are plenty of free quizzes for children on kidszworld.com that you can try.

  1. Family Exercise

Lack of exercise leaves everyone feeling sluggish and down, including your kids. To have a fun quarantine time, why not try doing some exercise together as a family? Got a Wii-fit that you never use? Now’s the perfect time for those ‘Just Dance’ games that you usually reserve for Christmas! Got a yoga mat or two? Why not find some kid-friendly yoga videos on YouTube? Children make great exercise partners because they have tonnes of energy, plus it’s essential to keep the endorphins pumping during this tense time.

  1. Arts & Crafts

Creative activities are a great way to boost mental health and feel relaxed. Whether it’s painting, origami, or a crochet challenge, plan a few fun craft activities that you can all make together. If you’re short of ideas, check out the free app ‘Kiwi Corner.’ Here you’ll find thousands of projects that you can make at home. The app offers a new idea every day! You can also search projects using keywords (if you’re looking to make something of a particular theme).

  1. Cook Together

With a little more free time, why not let your kids help out with a few cooking projects? You can start real simple with homemade fairy cakes or adding toppings to a ready-made pizza base. Cookery is a wholesome and relaxing activity (most of the time)! Your kids will love playing at being grown-ups to create some delicious dishes.

  1. Online Lessons 

Schools out for now, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no opportunity to learn. Thanks to the world of technology, you can get some fantastic online lessons for your children in pretty much any topic you want. Now they’ve probably had plenty of maths and English practice already this year, so why not try something a little more creative? Online music lessons are an excellent way for your kids to have fun and learn a new skill. The Powell Academy of Music offers some great online lessons in everything from violin and piano to the clarinet or singing.


Hopefully a few of these ideas should see you through the quarantine, but if all else fails simply stick on a heart warming kids movie (or ten)!



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