A beginner’s guide to spirituality

Spirituality means something different for everyone, making it difficult to define. One person might feel completely differently about spirituality to another. However, most would agree that spirituality means caring about something bigger than ourselves.


But why should you be spiritual? Spirituality means taking time away from our own lives and diverting focus elsewhere. It means having a clearer mind and a greater understanding of peace. Spiritual people are more honest, open and connected with themselves, and with the community.


Psychic readings

Spiritual people might regularly speak to a psychic, in person or via a medium chat. Psychics are people who use extrasensory perception to gain information that others don’t have access to. Someone might visit a psychic for a number of reasons: for example, if they are feeling lost, need romantic advice or are dealing with the loss of a loved one. Some people simply visit psychics to check if they are on the right path. Not all spiritual people use psychic readings, but many find it helps them to stay connected.



Most spiritual people meditate. While meditation means something different to everyone, to most it involves finding a quiet space, closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing. This allows you to reduce brain chatter and focus on the way you’re feeling. Meditation can be hugely beneficial, as it allows you to truly tune into your body. You can identify any discomforts, both mentally and physically, and work on how to deal with them. While you can meditate anytime, people tend to find it most beneficial at the beginning of the day and last thing before they go to bed. Meditating first thing helps to create a positive mentality for the day ahead, and last thing at night helps to get a peaceful, well-rested night’s sleep.



Some spiritual people believe in karma: the idea that their intent and actions influence their future. This means that, when we treat people kindly and act in a way that considers others, our actions will be rewarded in a greater sense. However, whether you believe in karma or not, being spiritual means thinking about others and helping people. A spiritual person is never selfish or greedy; they put others’ needs above their own and want to make the world a better place. They might regularly donate to charity, provide emotional support in their community or volunteer. Whatever they do, they don’t do this because of some greater reward, they do it because it’s right.



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