Making the Perfect Packed Lunch for Your Children

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When you’re planning your child’s meals, chances are you lay the bulk of focus on breakfast and dinner, as these are meals you can generally make at home and ensure your little ones are eating properly. But their lunch is extremely important too! If your kid takes packed lunches to school, why not place a little more focus on ensuring they get the best meal possible? Here are some suggestions that could create exciting, healthy and balanced lunches for them!

The Main Aspect of the Meal

Sandwiches are great for lunchboxes. They’re easy to make, they can be eaten without any cutlery and they can be wrapped easily. But this isn’t the only option when it comes to your little one’s lunch. Remember that you can get more creative. Why not cook something that can be eaten cold at lunch? This will mix things up and make sure that your child’s diet is balanced and more exciting each day. Why not make something like rasta pasta, sushi, a wrap, a salad packed with extras like tofu or chickpeas, or anything else?

A Whole Piece of Fruit

Kids, like everyone else, should eat five portions of fruit or vegetables a day. Their lunch box is a great way to work some of this into their diet. A whole apple, banana or pear can be thrown in easily and doesn’t need to be wrapped. Softer fruits, such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, sliced grapes, and kiwi slices are another option, but these will have to be placed in tupperware of some sort to avoid them getting squashed.

Special Treats

Of course, health comes in moderation. You don’t have to completely eliminate sugar or healthy fats from your child’s diet. Everything should be balanced and a small occasional treat can bring a big smile to your child’s face when they open their lunch box. An unexpected piece of cake, a small bar of chocolate or something else can be absolutely fine in their lunch.

Don’t Forget a Drink

When we pack our kids’ lunch, the food itself tends to be our main area of focus. But you need to remember to include a drink too! Staying hydrated is extremely important for everyone, including little ones. But it is particularly important that you choose your child’s drink wisely. All too many unhealthy drinks are specifically targeted at children, who are likely to encourage their parents to buy the bright packaging packed with excess sugar. Instead, there are healthier alternatives that won’t prove so damaging for your little one’s teeth. Water tends to be best, but flavoured waters can be fine too and a little more fun for your kid. Good options include bottled drinks, pouches or cans, as these can be easily and safely stored in your child’s lunch box without spilling easily.

These are just a few different elements of your child’s lunch that you can focus on. Hopefully, some of the above advice will help you to make great quality lunches that will provide your child with all the nutrition they need!


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