New Parents Survival Kit for Their Newborn

Fear is always dialed up whenever one becomes a new mother to a newborn. You will start questioning everything that you’re doing because your self-confidence and trust disappear all at once. Let’s look at the things you need to consider and be aware of about your newborn when you are new to parenthood. They will help in regaining your confidence.

How do you handle your newborn?

  • Find help

The first thing that might be intimidating is how fragile newborns are when handling them. If you haven’t been around them previously, then it means there is a lot that you have to learn. One option is talking to the experts who are specialists in feeding or consultants in lactation. They can help you get started on duties such as feeding and so on.

Nurses will also be an excellent resource for you because they can show you different things, like how to change the baby, hold, care, and make them burp. It’s also essential for you to consider taking NRP certification which is a course meant to provide professionals, and even new moms, the knowledge and skills that they need in case an emergency occurs on your newborn when then experience complications of cardiopulmonary.

  • Practice cleanliness

You need to understand that newborns have an immune system that’s still weak and they can quickly get an infection or become sick if one isn’t careful. Before you handle them, ensure that you use a hand sanitizer to clean your hands, and this applies to every other person who is holding the baby.

  • Be careful when carrying the baby

When carrying your baby, you need to handle the head and neck with care. You need to provide for the support by cradling their head as you hold them upright and when it’s time to lay them down. Also, when feeling frustrated or during playtime, you should avoid shaking the newborn. It might result in the baby bleeding internally and, worse, cause death. Gently play with them because they are very delicate and aren’t ready to handle any rough games, which includes throwing them in the air.

  • Basics in sleeping

Parenthood is an experience that can be overwhelming at times for many people. It’s lovely to have a newborn, but at night, you might feel distressed because of the deprivation of sleep. When this happens, you might fall into postpartum depression because of your moods and feeling exhausted. Here are some great tips that can help you and the baby in sleeping patterns.

  • Limit the nap time of the child during the day so that at night both of you can get some sleep. However, don’t break the child’s sleep in the daytime when they are sleeping
  • Avoid stress as a new parent because you will start feeling a lack of reassurance and get irritated with the baby even when they cry
  • Create a routine that’s consistent and structured for the newborn so that in the future, they can sleep faster during bedtime
  • Consider using accessories that will help in the sleep routines of your baby. Incorporate soft toys or crib mobiles that will help them focus as they drift off

Care During Circumcision

Gauze is used to cover the tip of a baby’s penis after circumcision. It’s coated with petroleum jelly which helps in keeping the wound from getting stuck on the diaper. You have to gently wipe the area using warm water. After you change the diaper, you should apply the petroleum jelly at the tip. In case it doesn’t heal after a few days, seek professional help from the doctor.

  • Umbilical Cord Care

Doctors will advise you to swab the umbilical cord area while using alcohol as you rub it until it dries up and falls off within 10-21 days. Some people have a different view, but consulting your doctor is the best option.

  • Diapering Basics

As a new mother, you might be confused about whether you should use cloth or disposable diapers. It doesn’t matter because newborns need to use ten diapers or so in a day. Therefore, you need to have enough supplies so that the baby feels comfortable all the time. During a diaper change, you need the following;

  • Clean Diaper
  • Diaper Ointment
  • Diaper Wipes
  • Fasteners

Congratulations on your new baby. Take a deep breath and remember these tips. You will do great!





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