Fact Check: Daylight Saving Hours Are Linked to Increased Occurrence of Traffic Accidents

Daylight savings time gives the world an extra hour of daylight. However, the time change could cause negative effects on everyone and not only threaten their health, but it could increase the rate of traffic accidents when initiating the sudden change. When initiating daylight savings, everyone loses an hour of sleep, and the effects could be catastrophic.

An Increase in Exhausted Driving

Exhausted driving is a prevailing cause for auto accidents after the daylight savings time change. The sudden change in the time causes everyone to lose an hour of sleep which prevents them from getting adequate levels of rest before they go to work. For some individuals, the sudden time changes cause anxiety for fear of sleep deprivation that leads to reduced sleep levels. The individual could fall asleep when driving and cause an accident. Victims of auto accidents contact an injury lawyer and review their options for collecting compensation.

Throwing Off the Body’s Internal Clock

The body’s internal clock regulates sleep patterns, and once an individual’s body adapts to the extra hour of rest the fall time change provides. The sudden jolt to the system when springing forward disrupts the individual’s regular sleep schedule and could prevent them from getting enough rest. Studies show that the daylight savings time could present a serious risk to everyone’s health.

Sudden Changes in Heart Health

Heart health could suffer because of the time change, and more individuals could develop cardiovascular disease because of sleep deprivation. Studies show that sleep deprivation could prevent the body from getting enough rest and maintaining a healthy heart rhythm. Disturbing the sleep schedule throws off the body’s internal clock and could lead to an inability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Individuals that develop insomnia could sustain irreversible heart damage.

Increased Stress for Drivers

The time change increases stress for all drivers, too. The sudden change forces individuals to rush to get ready for work and get to their job on time. The stress of rushing to work creates frustration and animosity toward others. The desire to get to work on time leads to road rage and speeding, and this increases the risk of auto accidents with injuries.

Getting Rid of the Time Change

Several states have moved to get rid of the time change altogether. Legislators presented evidence that shows the correlation between the time change to a sudden increase in auto accidents. For this reason, the state representatives have moved to stop the time change to protect against the increase in auto accidents and fatalities. Among the states that have stopped initiating daylight savings time are Washington, Florida, Oregon, and California.

The effects of daylight savings time could take a serious toll on the health of everyone, and studies show that the sudden change increases the risk of auto accidents each year. Statistics show that the switch to daylight savings time has caused as many as 60 auto accidents each year throughout the US. Studies show that the time change disrupts the sleep cycles and prevents individuals from getting enough rest. The first day after the time change presents the greatest risk of auto accidents because of exhausted driving, stress, and road rage. Because of these accelerated risks, some lawmakers have moved to stop the daylight savings time change altogether. Effects of daylight savings time and its correlation to auto accidents shows why personal injury claims could increase because of the time change.



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