Save the Ocean: 5 Ways to Get Started

Our world is a place of beauty. From purple mountain majesty to your own homey backyard and everything in between, this planet that we call home is full of life and glory! Yet, the amount of pollution and other plant endangering behaviors going on casts a long shadow over this place we humans call home.

One such place that is greatly affected by damaging human behaviors is our oceans. These glistening gems of mystery are marred by human waste products lining her shores and killing her natural wildlife. Something must change if we are to protect the treasure that is our oceans. For the casual visitor and the lifelong dweller on the shoreline, there are actions that can be taken to improve the health of the sea.

Learn more about the ocean

The best way to help the ocean is to learn more about it. For those with the ocean in their backyard, spend time in it. Go snorkeling and swimming. Watch the tides to see how they rise and fall first hand. Notice all the creatures that need the sea to survive. By watching the ocean be alive around you, you get a closer feel for how everything is connected and needs each other to survive.

If the ocean isn’t as close to you, do some research online or visit a local aquarium. For example, you can learn more about the marine life in Biloxi, Mississippi by visiting the aquarium to see how the creatures interact with each other. See fish in schools or watch manta rays glide by. There are many websites and videos that explain more about how important the oceans are and how to take care of them. All you need to go is go look.

Don’t forget about stopping by your local library to check out a book or a dozen about the topic too. Many volumes are dedicated to species and underwater phenomenon that you have to see to believe.

Beware of products that harm the ocean

We are reminded constantly about how plastics can harm the ocean. Many of us have grown up cutting apart plastic six-pack rings so animals don’t get caught in them or picking up plastic bags and bottles while on hikes so they can be disposed of later.

Changes are being made so plastics are being used less, such as using paper straws in many restaurants, but we forget that other items that are not properly disposed of could enter our oceans and harm them.

Cigarettes, glass drinking containers, and paper bags are all top tier items that end up polluting our waters and wreaking havoc. Besides ensuring that you’re properly disposing of items, try to use reusable forms like cloth bags for shopping or biodegradable utensils when eating out. Also, be wary of what is used in the products you use on a daily basis. Some cosmetics list shark squalene as an ingredient while some jewelry is made from sea turtle shells and even bits of coral.

Try green living

Reducing your carbon footprint is crucial in this day and age. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that is making the sea more acidic. With this change comes disastrous issues such as weakening the calcium in coral, resulting in the structures breaking apart and dying. Living green is the best way to minimize your footprint on the environment. Little things, like wearing extra layers instead of adjusting the thermostat or biking or walking instead of driving to a destination, can result in big changes. For dinner, you could go for sustainably caught wild seafood to help make sure you’re not contributing to harmful fishing practices.

Vote on behalf of the ocean

Policymakers create bills and enact policies that result in hurting the ocean more than it already is. Becoming a voter on ocean issues can ensure that the sea has a voice that will speak up for her when she is threatened. Research what your elected officials are proposing to do and where they stand on protecting the marine environment.

Tell the stories of her heroes

Many people around the world are taking action to improve the sea where they live. Blast news all over social media about what activists are doing. Tell others about local clean-ups and how they can sign up. An aquarium or park doing a special event talking about an environmental issue you support? Encourage your followers to go and learn.

We are meant to be caretakers of the planet. We only have the one to live on right now, and she is mostly covered by the ocean. If the ocean gets sick, it’s only a matter of time before we all end up sick too. We each need to do our part, no matter how big or small, to help save her.


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