Simple things that will give you peace of mind on your next vacation

When we book a holiday, we do so with rest and relaxation in mind. Long days spent lounging by the pool, soaking up the sun, or spending your free time trying new activities and enjoying time with the kids without schedules, homework or deadlines is usually the order of the day. 

But for some people, the ability to really let go of their responsibilities and fully unwind whilst away from home doesn’t come easy. Old habits die hard, including checking your emails, scrolling through your phone and feelings of stress and tension.

If you want to make your next vacation your most relaxing yet, you may want to consider preparing for the unexpected. Often, it’s the simplest of things that can give us peace of mind, especially when we’re overseas and far away from home. Read on to find out more. 

Understand your consumer rights

Vacationing whilst there are strict travel restrictions and ever-changing regulations isn’t easy. It often means plans being altered at the last moment and holidays being cancelled overnight. This kind of uncertainty can bring all kinds of stress, casting a dark shadow over your break. Thankfully, this helpful infographic, produced by the knowledgeable team at Creditfix, details everything you need to know about applying for a refund and what to do if your holiday plans are impacted due to Covid-19. Knowing where you stand in the event of your vacation going awry will give you peace of mind throughout your holiday.

Create a basic itinerary

Knowing that you can be easily reached in the event of an emergency will also give you peace of mind. Drafting an itinerary and giving it to friends and family means that if something happens at home or you’re caught up in a terrorist attack or natural disaster, you can be easily found and contacted. You don’t have to plan your holiday down to the minute, but drafting a basic itinerary and including all your flight and transfer details as well as hotel information and contacts will give everyone peace of mind! 

Create a call list

We all keep our contacts on our phones. But what if your phone is lost, stolen or it won’t charge? It’s a nightmare scenario, but the solution is simple. If the idea of being unable to communicate with those back home fills you with dread, write down an emergency call list. Friends, family, your doctor, lawyer, your bank’s contact details and anyone else you think may be useful. It’s also a good idea to know the emergency number for the country you’re visiting! 

And finally, work out your budget

It’s easy to get swept away in the excitement of a well-deserved holiday. We want to buy all those little extra treats, souvenirs and indulge in all those once in a lifetime activities. But you should exercise caution, running out of money whilst overseas and the idea of coming home to a hefty credit card bill is enough to ruin any holiday. Before you travel, know your budget and make sure you stick to it! 



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