The Best 24 Hours in Rome

Rome is not just the capital city of Italy; it also serves as one of the country’s most prominent tourist destinations. Nicknamed the “Eternal City”, Rome is filled with well-preserved historic sites, top-notch museums, world-class restaurants, and several other points of interest that make it a must-see when in Italy. In fact, you can spend several days in Rome and still not be able to cover everything.

That said, there are some reasons or circumstances, such as a layover or a stop on a cruise, where you only get 24 hours to explore the city. While everyone knows that Rome wasn’t built in a day, it is technically possible to see the best that the city has to offer in one full day. If you want to have the best 24 hours in Rome, check out this guide we’ve carefully put together for you.

Useful Tips for a Day Trip in Rome

  • Stick to the highlights! We know you want to see as much as you can but with the little time you have, it’s not advisable. Instead, just stick to the must-see attractions for this day trip.
  • Book all your tickets in advance! We can’t stress this enough; while you can always buy on-site, this can be time-consuming and inconvenient. There are plenty of ways to buy tickets online; you can also check out tour options that combine multiple attractions in order to save time and money.
  • You can also opt to get the Omnia Pass, which gives you access to Rome’s top landmarks as well as famous Vatican City attractions.
  • With a lot of walking in store, it’s best to travel light! Stow your luggage, backpacks, or bags at a Rome luggage storage facility if you find yourself getting weighed down as you explore.
  • Dress appropriately; wear comfortable shoes and avoid revealing clothes in holy sites such as churches.


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