Why It’s Important to Set Aside Time for Yourself


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As moms, in the everyday hustle and bustle of life, we have a lot to think about and a lot that needs to get done. In order to make sure that everything is done the way it is supposed to be accomplished requires time management and a meticulous schedule. In that scheduling frenzy, we may not put in enough time for ourselves. Self-care is very important and making sure that we are fully taking care of ourselves as much as we are taking care of others is essential not only to our own mental well-being, but to those we are caring for as well. Here are a few ways you can tell yourself to not only take care of your own body and mind, but to schedule the time you need to be able to be alone and feel. It’s worth every moment you spend.

Be Still 

There is a lot to be said for just taking time to hear yourself breathe. This is a luxury that we often deny ourselves because we are so caught up in trying to get everything done for our families that we don’t think we can take the time for these moments. Let it be said that you do deserve it. For all that you do on a daily basis, it is essential for you to be able to take this time to set yourself and ground yourself so that you can be at your highest potential for your family and for all that you have to accomplish. 

Get up a little bit early in the morning and give yourself 20-30 minutes to breathe, to sit, and to feel. It will make a huge difference for you and it may even put you in a better mood, which will be to the benefit of everyone. 

Treat Yourself

Budgets are tight in order to make sure you have the money necessary to provide for everyone in your family. But remember: you are also a member of that family. Part of that budget has to go to you as well, so set aside a little bit for yourself and treat yourself to whatever it is that you need. Whether you want to get your favorite lunch or go to your favorite store, treating yourself to something every once and awhile is healthy and is very much earned. 

Buy New Clothes

Shorts, shirts, winter coats, dresses, or pants, whatever it is that you are in need of, get it. Tending to your appearance is not superficial or narcissistic, it’s self-care. How you present yourself to the world is important because it allows you to see how well you are taking care of yourself. If your clothes are old and in need of replacement that is a sign that you are not providing for yourself as well as you might be able to. Keeping up with your wardrobe is the same as keeping up with yourself and checking in with yourself to make sure you are feeling happy and feeling that you are making yourself a priority. 

Tend to Your Look

It is so easy to let your hair go to the wayside when you’re a mom. Just put it up or put it in a ponytail and you’re out the door. There are more important things to take care of, but in reality, updating your look is self-care. A lot of moms feel as if they are just not in the market to look good anymore, and that is just not true. All moms deserve to look and feel bright, youthful, and energetic. Take a few minutes out of your day to make sure you are satisfied with how you look. After all, how we look tells the world how we view ourselves. If you look put together, you will feel put together and that is a great energy to express onto the world. 

Set Time Aside for What You Love

Once again, it is the same story with the working mom, there’s just not enough time for myself, and that’s okay. Once again, it is NOT okay. In all of your scheduling, set aside time for what you love to do. It doesn’t matter what it is, throw yourself into your passion. By having something that is uniquely your own will create a perfect balance in your life that will make you feel as if you are in a great spot to be able to take care of your family in a loving and healthy way. 


I'm a mother of 2 who likes to get involved in too much! Besides writing here I started a non-profit, I'm on the PTO board, very active in my community and volunteer in the school. I enjoy music, reading, cooking, traveling and spending time with my family. We just adopted our 3rd cat and love them all!

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