Stop Photos from Disappearing Into Oblivion

Do you remember the good old days when people used photo films? You needed to wait a long time before developing your photos. It would take days, sometimes even weeks, before you could finally discover the memories you made. Besides, you knew you had to be smart about which memory you wanted to capture. With only a limited number of photos per film, you couldn’t afford to waste. Nowadays, we don’t have to worry about developing our pictures to see the results with digital cameras. You only need to click, and the photo appears in your smartphone gallery. Not the result you expected? No problem. You can delete it and try again. Except that in the real world, we tend to take photos and forget about them. The average smartphone user can take up to 50 different photos per day. It’s easy to see how you can rapidly feel overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of images. Who’s got time to sit down and look for that specific photo they took in spring last year? Nobody. And that’s why most photos fall into oblivion on smartphones. It’s time to reclaim your memories back! 

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Get organized

Organization is not a chore. It is a lifestyle. Why? Because being organized in everything you do will save you a lot of time and hassle in the long term. So when it comes to organizing your photos, especially your smartphone photos, many people tend to print their favorite pictures. It’s a great way to keep your most cherished memories close to your heart and eyes. But, if you print your photos regularly, they probably accumulate in every corner of your home until you eventually forget about them, misplace them, or lose them. So, keeping up with organization and decluttering will work wonders for your photos. Why not store all printed photos in thematic albums? It’ll make it easier to find your favorite memories! You can also store prints in folders or boxes by date, location, or event. Granted, it might sound like a lot of effort, but when your photos are in a physical format, it’s a no-brainer. 

Learn how to clean your photo gallery

Not everyone enjoys printing photos. After all, when they’re on your smartphone, they’re accessible at all times. If you prefer a digital approach, you’re probably the kind of person who keeps an ever-growing photo gallery. How do you make sense of your mismatched collection of images, from cute baby pictures to snapshot of receipts and bills? You could sit down and spend days rummaging through your photos. Or you could use a smart app that helps you sort out photos you like and want to keep. The Gemini Photos app is a helpful tool for iPhones that does the job for you. You can also find similar tools for Androids. 

Export your smartphone photos

Why keep everyone on your phone? Ultimately, smartphones have limited memory space. There will come the point when you are running out of memory and need to choose which photos to keep or discard. And frankly, it’s a tough job when you are in a hurry! So, you could introduce new habits to your digital routine. It can be helpful to create a digital storage space where you can keep all your photos. Google Drive is a great place to store images without having to worry about storage limits. If you suddenly run out of space, you can buy more storage on the go. Google is not the only cloud storage option available, but it’s fully integrated into your everyday activities, as most people are familiar with the Google Suite. Regardless of your preferred cloud storage solution, you can easily organize photos by date, geotags, or more. Besides, all your photos are accessible from anywhere at any time. And tada, you never forget previous moments anymore! 

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Be selective with WhatsApp messaging

As most people use the famous messaging app, many find it hard to keep up with photo storage. Indeed, depending on your settings and phone, you might find that every photo sent and received on WhatsApp is automatically stored on your device. When friends and relatives share photos every day, you could run out of space rapidly! Keeping track of what you want to keep is even more difficult when you don’t control what your phone stores. The bottom line: Check your settings and erase unwanted WhatsApp material weekly! Alternatively, you could move to a new messaging application that will not save content to your device. There are many alternatives available. 

Visual records of our memories. While technology allows us to capture more memories, we become even more forgetful with our physical or digital memories. Indeed, quantity can make it tough to keep track and make sense of the beautiful moments in our lives. Hopefully, these tips can help you rediscover your favorite moments. 



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