The Powerful Connection Between School & Parents

Schools and parents share a complex responsibility in the education of children. Indeed, while not all parents are teachers and not all teachers are parents, they both play an influential role in helping children find their strengths, manage their weaknesses, and define their plans for the future. Therefore, the right school needs to meet many criteria for parents, including the balance of education responsibility. Finding a school that can work with your family priorities and your schedule is no easy task. As a working parent, you might not realize that you’ve got a lot of choices. Here are some tips for working with your child’s school and supporting their growth as best as you can. 

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Consider an online school

While it’s become hugely popular during the pandemic, online learning has been around for over 20 years. Online classes and lessons can be highly beneficial for children who struggle in a physical classroom. Introverted kids, who find it hard to cope with group discussions and the constant interaction of students and teachers during the day, can find peace with e-learning. Children are more relaxed and therefore can enjoy time with parents after class.

Additionally, children who require a unique schedule, either to learn at their own pace or to make time for other activities, can find self-managed online courses more suitable. They can also spend more time with their family without worrying about being late for school.  

Be on the lookout for charter schools

Charter schools are unique because they present an independent resource for education, fully established by a public group. Unlike public schools, charter schools can operate outside of the typical regulations, providing families with another educational choice where the government does not mandate innovation and education. If you have no local charter school, you can seek online charter schools, which follow the same principles. Grades and academic results obtained in charter schools are recognized by the education system. However, children do not learn just to pass a test; therefore, the support they receive can contribute to personal growth. For parents who want more control over the education of their children, this is a fantastic option.  It’s also beneficial to think about the impact of charter schools as your children get older, and how the right institution has a major impact on their development into adulthood. Depending on your religion, a Christian university might prove to be very useful as they can develop in a safe and supportive environment. Whatever your thoughts, a charter school can be a very great foundation. 

Have a strict WFH schedule

Busy work-from-home mothers need to be organized with their daily schedule to ensure they can still make plenty of time for their children when they go to a public school. Public schools are not a bad choice, especially if you’ve carefully selected schools that perform well in terms of academic grades and student satisfaction. But juggling your priorities as a busy professional and a mom requires setting strict boundaries when your kids go to school. 

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Homeschooling could help you teach new skills

For parents who want to make sure that kids are equipped with the right skills for life, homeschooling can be a fantastic opportunity to mix academic knowledge with everyday skills. Work-from-home or stay-at-home parents invest a lot of time and effort in building a homeschooling program that involves the curriculum and crucial life skills, such as cooking and budgeting. It’s also a great option for families who live in remote locations, so you can ensure that your children have access to education without the hassle of a long commute. 

What are your expectations of school as a parent? There is the right school for every child out there. But the first step is to define what a good school should do for your family. 



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