How Technology Can Help With Education

Technology has changed how everyone learns now, but it has had the most significant impact on children as they are introduced to it early. Children learning how to use these tools is essential in a world that runs on technology. And parents can also use technology to help the learning process at home too. 

With technology becoming such a big part of society, looking at how technology can positively impact the learning experience can be beneficial. 

“Research suggests that on average, students retain 25-60% more material when learning online compared to only 8-10% in a classroom.” – World Economic Forum.

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Almost everything we do in life will involve some level of communication. And while it used to be letters and phone calls, it has not moved to instant messaging and emails. Since technology has been introduced, children learn faster how to spell words (or something phonetically type them) so that they can communicate. 

Teachers and other parents can more efficiently communicate, and the children are a part of that, too. 


While there will always be joy in opening a book and searching for information, the internet has made it faster and more efficient. And with such demanding lives, this is incredible for parents and students. It means that no matter what your child might want to know, you can search for it on the internet in a matter of seconds. 


There is even the capability of using voice to ask these questions with hubs like Alexa or Google. 

Online Learning 

There are more opportunities for children to expand their learning online. Many schools now have online learning hubs that are packed with apps that cover all types of topics. And, what more is that parents can help increase their child’s learning with extra apps and anything from coding apps to online science tutors

Online learning can be the most efficient way for busy parents to help their children with their schooling, and it can give a great overview to the child, parents, and teachers about what the child might be missing – or that they are doing really well and might need extras.


Almost all online learning tools will have assessments, which means that, unlike standard learning, there is instant information. The child can see how they are doing and maybe even select areas where they want to increase their studies. Real-time information means that teachers can also track to see if your child understands what they are currently studying. 

Self-Directed Learning 

There is nothing that is so wonderful as a child who loves to study, and that usually happens when the child has some control over how and what they study. Online learning gives children the option to learn things that might be outside of their regular school work. 

And from there, they might find the things that they are really good at. Often, with self-directed learning, both paid and free courses online are free to be studied at the learner’s own pace. Some children will race through them, while others might take their time. 

The great thing about self-directed learning for children is that it actually teaches them how to learn in a way that works for them. They will learn how to organize and plan, they will become more confident in the learning process, and it doesn’t restrict them. 


Some children find learning ‘boring’ when it is all book-based but with access to devices and apps that make learning fun! Through songs, games, music, and more, learning using technology has a huge element of fun. So much so that most of the time, when children learn to use a device, they don’t even realize they are picking up secondary skills (technology and computer skills!).


Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of learning using technology is that devices like iPads and laptops can travel anywhere that there is an internet connection. This means that learning never has to stop. Children can take devices with them on holidays, which can be very beneficial to parents who need to work during the typical school vacations. 

The world of technology has completely changed how we are able to learn, and one of the most important things can be working out how it fits into your lifestyle – and how you can use it to improve the learning experience for your child. And who knows, perhaps you will become inspired by your child’s learning journey online and take advantage of one of the many different online courses for adults! Advantages of Online Education: Why You Should Consider Learning Online.  


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