Paws for a Cause

So I’ve been neglecting my blog and my posts that are due.

But it’s for a good cause…


The non-profit I started, Helping Hands of Nocatee, Inc is hosting a Paws for a Cause event to benefit a local animal pet shelter, Wags & Whiskers in St. Augustine, FL. The event is this Saturday!!

That means I’m a little stressed right now. Although I have a few, and by few I mean like 2, other women helping me put this together. I have been working hard at getting donations for food and drinks to sell, getting vendors to come to the event and getting the community to be aware of the event! Phew. I’m exhausted and I still have 3 days to go.

Today I have to put the signs together, pick up the rest of the donated food, get more announcements out on Facebook and take some pictures and make some other signs. Don’t forget all the other “mom” things and my blog.

I do have some projects that are due and will get to them next week. I apologize.

If you live in the North Florida area and would like to come out, please do! I’d love to meet you!

The event will be Saturday April 26th from 2-5pm and the Nocatee Town Center in Ponte Vedra, FL.

I’ll update you all on the event next week!

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We Adopted Another Cat!!

I’ve been following a local pet rescue on Facebook - bad mistake! All I see are these adorable dogs and cats and I want them all.

Last Tuesday evening I saw this adorable 6 month old Siamese kitten and I just had to have her. We called and had her held for the next day. But when we got there we were told that Bella was not good with other cats. But Angel was there with Bella. Angel is a Lynx Point Lilac Siamese. She was beautiful. So Angel came home with us.






Angel is still adjusting with our other cats but it seems to be getting better everyday!


Easter Egg Hunts

My daughter has already had 2 Easter eggs hunts this week. One was out on by our community and the other one was at her school.


006 009 011

Her school had a party as well and made these cool flowers paintings…


20140417_133612 20140417_142524 20140417_144130

Bunny Nail Art

Easter Nail Art

Okay, this is not the best picture, but aren’t those bunnies cute?

My daughter has matching toes!

Have you or are you going to do Easter Nail Art this year?