Fun Holidays for July

Here are some fun holidays for July!

July 15 – National Cow appreciation Day.   Eat more Chicken!

July 20 – National Moon Day! What happens on a full moon?


July 23 – National Hot Dog Day.  Ketchup or Mustard?


July 28 – National Chocoalte Milk Day.  Got Milk?


July 30  National Friendship Day! Friends are Forever!!.



Fun Holidays for the Month of June

There are so many fun holidays to celebrate this month.

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June10  National Ice Tea day         Sweet or Unsweet?




June 16  National Fresh Veggies Day! Better eat your veggies!!


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June 18  National Going Fishing Day  and Fathers Day!!  Take dad out fishing!  


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June 23 National Pink Day! I love the color pink.

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June 27 National Sunglass Day! Always wear your sunglasses when its sunny.


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June 29 National Camera Day! Make memories  


What fun holidays will you celebrate this month?


March National Days


March 11  National Johnny Appleseed Day. 


March 13 National Earmuff Day.  I do not think we need these in Florida.


March 14 National Potato Chip Day. I love chips!! 


March 19 National Corn Dog Day. Children love corn dogs!   


March 24 National Covered Raisin Day.  We call these Raisinettes. 


March 25  National Pecan Day.    Oh my gosh I love Pecan Pie!!!    

Which one of these sound the best to you?

December Fun National Holidays

 December Fun National Holidays 

Dec 7- Cotton Candy Day


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Everyone loves Cotton Candy definitely a child’s favorite

Dec 8- National Brownie Day


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OMG Brownies are so good

Dec 12- National Poinsettia Day


Image By:List of Birthstones

What color do you prefer Red,White,Pink?

Dec 14- National Roast Chestnuts Day 


Image By: Creekside Gardens

I am not a fan of Chestnuts are you?

Dec 17- National Maple Syrup Day


Image By: Sugarfree Mom

I love the real Syrup, my husband likes the sugar free kind.

Dec 21- National Crossword Puzzle Day


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I like to do them, but can never finish it. lol

Dec 21- National Flashlight Day


Image By: Bliksemendonder

Always keep one of these close by

Dec 24- National Eggnog Day


Image By- Fox News Magazine

I love Eggnog with or without Rum

Dec 27- National Fruit Cake Day 


Image By: RiverTea

Who likes Fruitcake?

Dec 30- National Bacon Day 


Image By:Entrepreneur

BACON everything !!!

Dec 31- We all know what day this is


Image By: Education Board





I hope you enjoy these fun holidays I hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

October National Holidays

WOW it’s October already, where did September go? Here are a couple of fun National Holidays for October, so many things you can do with this months list. Have a great Month 

Oct 1- National Cookie Day– Do you have a favorite? I love Oatmeal Chocolate Chip.

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Oct 4- National Golf Day– This Golf Day we will remember the King the Great Arnold Palmer.


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Oct 6- National Mad Hatter Day– strange but everyone loves him.

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Oct 9- National Moldy Cheese Day– sounds gross right but how many of you eat Blue Cheese?



Oct 12- National Gumbo Day– Looking forward to the cooler weather, then I will make some spicy Gumbo.


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Oct 16-National Dictionary Day– Who still uses a Dictionary? I still have my first Dictionary my Grandmother gave me.


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Oct 21- National Pumpkin Day– everywhere. You look this month you will see Pumpkin, it is good for you and tastes good. What’s your favorite Pumpkin recipe?


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Oct 25- National Pasta Day– In my house its Pasta Day everyday!


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Oct 27- National Frankenstein Day– the last Friday in October is Frankenstein Day.


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Oct 31- Carve a Pumpkin Day – I do this every year with my boys


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Which day are you looking forward to the most?