Your Child will Love LightHeaded Beds by Lifetime (Review and Giveaway)


I have a 6-year-old son, and lately he has been going through a phase of needing is light on to go to sleep. He can’t fall asleep unless the tv is on a timer or I leave the hall light on. The problem with this is I usually always forget to turn off the hall light when I fall asleep, and end up waking up in the middle of the night to do so. i was contacted by company LIFETIME with their really cool product called LightHeaded Beds.

I was SO excited to review one of their beds because I knew Anthony would love falling asleep to a cool image that lights up! Let me tell you all about this bed!

So, what makes this bed so different from other bed models? This one is unique! This bed comes with a backlit headboard that you can use interchangeable graphics and images. Is your child afraid of the dark? Does you child want to sleep with a nightlight or closet light on? Good news, they can fall asleep in their very own bed that has a light! This bed comes with a remote control dinner with timer, and you can set how bright you want the light to be, and how long you want it on for. Just put your child to sleep, turn on the light and you are all set.The light is an LED light and plugs right into the wall outlet. No need to worry about batteries.

I was able to review a full size Canterbury Model with choice of Image. There are 3 finishes to choose from (black, white and brown chestnut) I chose the chestnut since it would match my sons furniture he has. You can also choose to add a trundle option for an additional cost. It didn’t take long for me to get the bed once it was ordered, about 4 days. It came in 2 large boxes, and took my husband a few hours to assemble.  All you need to assemble is a screw driver. All of the other pieces are included.

One cool feature about this bed is that you can use it with a box spring or without, and no tools are needed to adjust height. I was happy to hear this since I just purchased my son a brand new mattress and box spring.

This bed comes with a graphic included, the one I received was a Dolphin image. I also ordered my son a custom image. It’s a red spider webs background with his name on it. He really loves it!! There are so many possibilities and options of different graphics. You can even customize your own with your own photos! They are super easy to slide in and out of the headboard, and even the footboard has a storage compartment for your extra ones! You will never lose them. Since your bed will arrive will arrive with a graphic the company chooses, you can take your time to browse the site for the perfect Image to order afterwords. Your bed will also come with a $20 gift coupon towards any Image purchase! There are so many varieties of images, and you can even custom make your own with your own pictures!

In conclusion, My son and I absolutely love LightHeaded Beds! This is such a great concept and will really help with children having fears of the dark. I love how you can purchase different images and even customize them. This is perfect since as your child gets older, he/she will end up liking different things and may not always like the original image you purchased.

Use coupon code MommyHasToWork for 25% off your order!

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Would your child LOVE one of these cool beds? Enter to win a FREE twin size bed in your choice of finish, plus your choice of image! U.S. residents only, giveaway ends on 9/6/17.
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*I received the mentioned bed in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. 


My name is Marijean, I live in Sunny FL with my wonderful husband and 2 children. I love Disney, Coffee and Blogging 🙂

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The Disadvantages of DIY – 7 Benefits of Utilising A Qualified Pest Inspector 


The Disadvantages of DIY – 7 Benefits of Utilising A Qualified Pest Inspector 

DIY is great for many reasons, namely because whatever it is, it allows you to do it yourself.

Many people think it’s a great way to save money, and indeed when you’re building a hardwood table with your own two hands, you could save thousands while avoiding buying one. DIY has a shortcoming, however, and that’s that people don’t always know the best or safest way to “do it themselves”.

For instance, a pest inspection in Melbourne might be in order when buying a new house, but due to a lack of laws relating to the need for a qualified pest inspector, any person can perform a pest inspection. This is a big enough issue for homeowners and potential home buyers that we’ve put together a list of the 7 benefits of using a qualified pest inspector.


First off we have the safety aspect of a DIY inspector. If I asked you to look for every kind of pest and any indication of any pest at all in a house, would you know what to look for? Would you know the signs of life in the roof or the walls? Do you know how to identify termites, rats, bats, mice, cockroaches, ants, or wasps, potentially without seeing any of them directly?

If you found any one of these, how would you proceed to safely remove these pests?

Accidental poisonings can occur if people aren’t careful with pest-related chemicals, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals.


Knowing where and how to look for these creatures is half the battle, and for a professional pest inspector, it’s usually as easy as night and day. Where you or I could be unsure about what signifies what when it comes to looking for the telltale signs, an inspector knows beyond a shadow of a doubt what they’re looking at.


Professional, qualified inspectors come with certain assurances, such as finding everything that might be wrong with a building you’re looking at buying. Instead of spending days or weeks learning how to find termites only to miss the ant infestation you have, inspectors will see the signs of ants, clear the building of any termite suspicion, then turn their attention to the ant problem.


An obvious benefit to the use of a professional is the insurance policies his or her company will hold, and how they relate to you. Both the inspector and you are protected by laws that can help to do away with any nastiness from the people you could be buying a house from, and if an inexperienced or otherwise incorrect inspection takes place that later proves to be wrong, you will still be covered.


When it comes to knowing your enemy, a pest inspector has usually seen the worst of what any given infestation looks like and can give you an honest appraisal of your situation. If you see ants in a few rooms you could just assume that you have a minor issue, whereas a person with experience and knowledge will know that these are scouting parties for the large nests under your future home, and warn you thusly.


We will immediately point out that checking for all sorts of nasties yourself is cheaper than hiring a professional, but what you have to consider is the cost later on. Imagine checking yourself, then buying a $500,000 home only to move in and discover the whole framework is rotten with termites.

Your house then has to be pulled down and rebuilt, and because you signed over the contract, you have to eat that cost. A professional will find the termites and save you from spending half a million dollars on what will become an empty lot.


Finally, there is the added benefit of a fully trained pest inspector being able to identify building defects as well, such as water damage or roof tile damage. This is a great idea, because while your house may not have creepy crawlies all through it, a hole in the roof won’t help the resale value.

It will cost a bit more money than you’d otherwise spend, but getting a professional in to check your house before buying is worth the money spent, and whatever you do, don’t do it yourself.


My name is Marijean, I live in Sunny FL with my wonderful husband and 2 children. I love Disney, Coffee and Blogging 🙂

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Simple Living Products 5.2L XL Manual Air Fryer Review

I LOVE fried foods!! I have a deep fryer at home and my husband loves to cook fried chicken, onion rings, french fries…anything that can be fried! I love the crispiness that deep frying gives, but I know it is terrible for my health and the health of my family. I am always looking for alternatives to deep frying. I have found such a great fryer and I am excited to share it with you. Let me introduce you to the Simple Living Products 5.2L XL Manual Air Fryer!

Key Features

  • The whole package in one delivery. Airfryer comes with Cooking Accessories & Recipe Book.
  • Healthier Fried Food. 80% Less Fat and Calories, but your food is still crispy.
  • Discover Versatile Dishes. Choose to Fry, Bake, Grill or Roast your food.
  • Small enough to fit on your counter and big enough to cook for the entire Family.
  • Quick & Easy Cleanup. Nonstick coating makes removing grease and food EASY!

The Short Path To Healthy Eating: Cook a healthier version of fried foods with the Simple Living Products SL-AFM-5L XL Air Fryer. Your calorie intake can be reduced by 80% every time you cook using your airfryer. This XL airfryer not only allows you to healthy meals but it enables you to cook fast and delicious meals at once. You can still eat all of your favorite foods, Simple Living Products is just giving you a healthier way to cook them.

Advanced Rapid Air Circulation Technology: The air circulation technology extracts all the oils, fats and juices from the food by allowing it to drip through the basket. It then air fry’s the food by lifting the oils, fats and juices and making the food airborne by coating it. It rapidly circulates the oils throughout the entire cooking process to ensure crispy food. This ensures no oil, less fat and fewer calories.

Cooking and Cleanup is Quick & Easy: With a 5.2L nonstick food basket & a food divider, you can cook for the entire family at once. Both the divider & layered rack included allow you to cook multiple items at once. Cleanup is also a breeze, the non stick food basket makes removing grease and food easy and hassle free.

Spoilt For Choice: This XL airfryer is not like any other air fryer on the market, its bigger, its better and it’s faster. Using the recipe book included you can Fry, Bake, Grill or Roast all your favorite foods. With many safety features including the automatic shut off and non-slip feet you can be rest assured. This oil-less air fryer is super easy to use. Just place your food in the basket, select the cooking setting from one of the 7 preset programs. There is no guesswork and our settings ensure whatever your cooking comes out perfect and delicious every single time.

Can be used ANYWHERE: Even when in operation this black airfryer from Simple Living Products is only warm to touch. But what we love and what our customers love about this cooking appliance is that it does not heat up its surroundings. Regardless of the temperatures you live in, this portable air fryer will not make your home any warmer. So, you can cook all summer long even if there’s a heatwave. Unlike deep fryers you do need to hover over the airfryer while it is in operation.

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty: Our Family size 5.2L Air Fryer is the most reliable, efficient, and powerful cooking appliance available. Backed by a 30-day money back guarantee PLUS a 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Because we’re not happy until you’re happy.


I never used my deep fryer at home, that was my husband’s job. He was comfortable with using one, however I was always afraid of getting burned by the oil. Thank goodness you do not need oil to cook with this air fryer!  I was very intrigued with this product, and wondered how the taste of food would be. Would the food be crunchy? Would it be tasty? Would it be just like cooking in the oven? When I received this, I wanted to immediately try it out! This fryer is very simple to use. Included in the box is the fryer, cooking rack, food divider and recipe book.



What I love about this fryer is you can make so many varieties of food in it! Not just your typical fries/onion ring type foods. It Air Frys, Bakes, Steams, Sautes, Grills and Roasts. It is big enough to accommodate food for my family of 4. The control panel is easy to use, just set temperature and set the timer and you are done!! The first food items that we tried out were curly fries and onion rings. My family loved fries and onion rings, and we always deep fry them. I was excited to see how this would compare to a traditional deep fryer with oil.

First up were the fries. I put about half the bag in the fryer basket, closed it, set temperature and timer. So easy! The fryer alerted me when my food was done. A warning:  The fryer gets extremely hot. I used an oven mitt to remove the basket and I also used a wooden cutting board to put the basket on. The fries came out amazing!! I was so surprised by how crispy they were. They still had the delicious fried taste but with no oil and 80% less fat. I did the same thing with the onion rings and they came out fabulous as well! My kids love tater tots so we tried out them. It is so great to just toss some tots in this air fryer without starting the oven and waiting awhile for it to heat up. This only takes a few minutes to heat up, and the tots only took 10 minutes which is twice as quick then the oven bake directions.

I also tried out a cooked rotisserie chicken. It took a total of 30 minutes to re-heat and it came out so crispy and juicy!




Here are some of the foods you can cook in this fryer:

  • Fish sticks
  • Chicken nuggets and Chicken fingers
  • Chicken wings and drumsticks
  • Any fried foods
  • Veggies
  • Burgers
  • Pizza
  • Lasagna
  • Fajitas

In conclusion, I love how versatile this air fryer is. I love how I don’t have to turn on my oven to make my family a meal, or worry about the added oil and fats from a deep fryer. This really is a great all around kitchen tool to have!

Click here to purchase from Simple Living.

Click here to purchase from Amazon.

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My name is Marijean, I live in Sunny FL with my wonderful husband and 2 children. I love Disney, Coffee and Blogging 🙂

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High Vibe Decor Kitchen Towel Set Giveaway


Would you like a high vibe towel that reminds you to be positive as you’re doing your household chores?

The High Vibe Decor set of 3 white towels is just the reminder you’ll need. They’re embroidered in beautiful blue with empowering sayings: Good Vibes, Om, and Namaste.

This set of kitchen towels makes a wonderful gift for friends, moms, dads, parents, co-workers, hostesses, teachers, and other loved ones. Give as a gift for housewarming, birthdays, parties, events, new baby—or simply to say you care.

Incredibly versatile, the High Vibe Decor towels can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, office, at the gym and beyond. Use them for dusting, drying dishes, cleaning counters and other surfaces—these towels have endless uses! New moms have even used them as burp cloths. Yoga enthusiasts take one for the mat and gym goers bring them to work out.

The High Vibe towels are infused with positive vibes and doses of gratitude so that boring chores turn into charming endeavors. And, they’re machine washable.

You can purchase this set from Amazon for $14.99.


Would you like a set of these cute towels? One lucky reader will win! U.S. Residents only, giveaway ends on 8/30/17.

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My name is Marijean, I live in Sunny FL with my wonderful husband and 2 children. I love Disney, Coffee and Blogging 🙂

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Oh Sew Fancy LLC Crib Sheet and Changing Pad Set Giveaway

 Matching Crib Sheet and Changing Pad Set Giveaway!!

Oh Sew Fancy offers a soft, cozy, and warm option of minky boys and girls crib sheets and changing pad covers. Offered in an assortment of vibrant colors, fun patterns, and every child’s favorite critters, you can find something to match any personality or coordinate with any nursery. The long lasting, durable nature of minky fabric lets you give your babies and toddlers something to cherish and treasure for the many years to come.
Check out their website:


Oh Sew Fancy is giving away a matching crib sheet and changing pad cover to one lucky reader! U.S. Only, giveaway ends on 8-29-17.

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My name is Marijean, I live in Sunny FL with my wonderful husband and 2 children. I love Disney, Coffee and Blogging 🙂

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