I Faced My Fear – Bridges!!


I’ve mentioned before that I have a fear of high bridges. I’m okay with low ones or even long ones, it’s the high ones that get me. Bridges and high over passes. They freak me out and I’m afraid I will go off and over the edge. I know it’s an irrational fear but it’s there just the same. I’ve gotten better over the last two years and am okay with someone else driving, sometimes.


My daughter and I are taking a trip tomorrow over to the Tampa/St. Pete area and the Sunshine State Bridge is over there and I may have to cross it. Here is a picture of the Sunshine State Bridge.




I had to cross that bridge seven years ago and was terrified! I made my mother drive over but it was still frightening.

So Friday, the first day of Spring Break for us, I gathered up the kids and we went driving north to the Dames Point Bridge in Jacksonville.




Both bridges are the same height but the Sunshine State Bridge is 10,000 feet longer.  So I drove and drove until I saw that bridge coming and I turned up the radio, made the air cooler and took a drink of water and I went over it!

But then I had to turn around and do it again! I pulled off the highway and sat for a few minutes and then made the drive back home. The second time was not as bad.

I definitely need more practice but I hope this will suffice for our trip tomorrow. Maybe I won’t even see the Sunshine State Bridge at all…. I can hope can’t I?



                            Do you have a fear of bridges?

Right Now I Am…



Feeling terrible….I have a sinus cold and my head is killing me.

Nervous….I have a test to take on Saturday. I’m taking a Para Professional test to become a teacher’s aide. It’s at 7:30am, which means I have to leave my house at 6:30 and I’m hoping I feel better by then.

Concerned….My husband has an infection in his throat, my son has an ear infection and cough. I’m hoping my daughter doesn’t come down with anything.

Tired of this cold weather…I really want Spring to come soon.

Okay, enough complaining….

Happy….I had a small birthday party for my brother and he thought it was the best thing ever!

Thankful….I have a roof over our head and food to eat.

Excited…..Spring break is in a week and a half. No need to get up early!!

Happy…..that is will be in the 70′s for a few days coming up soon.



                                          How are you doing this week?




Right Now I Am…

Florida Snow

Stressed – I have a charity dinner this Sunday that I need donations for and I’m just now asking for them!

Worried – About my son. He’s 13 and moody and I worry that there’s more to it than hormones.

Sore – I have a minor tear in my neck which I guess is not serious but still adds discomfort.

Happy – That my charity group is starting a new year with a lot of fun projects coming up!

Thankful – That everyone is well.

Thinking – Way too much about everything…

Happy - My brother is visiting and may be moving down permanently.

Worried – He won’t have a place to live.

Glad – I live in Florida even though it was really cold last week it was not as cold as most of you were.



                                                                      How are you today?

Our Toy Drive..w/w

Helping Hands of Nocatee

My charity group, Helping Hands of Nocatee, just donated all these toys!! Plus we raised over $450!!

Helping Hands of Nocatee toy drive

Pie in the Sky

Pie in the Sky

I Choose Diet Coke Over… #spon #NoCalories #MyDietCoke

I am a Diet Coke Ambassador. All opinions are my own.



I will choose Diet Coke over coffee any day!!



Aspartame is enjoyed by millions in low-calorie products, like yogurt, chewing gum and soft drinks. In fact, it has been extensively tested for safety by the World Health Organization, US Food and Drug Administration and the European Food Safety Agency.  While the safety and benefits of ingredients like aspartame are supported by more than 200 studies spanning 40 years, The Coca-Cola Company understands that people may still have questions.  They are making it a priority to address these questions and provide information and education to reinforce aspartame is an ingredient people can feel good about.

Check out this  informative infographic from The Coca-Cola Company Beverage Institute for Health & Wellness.  Hopefully it will answer some of your questions as well as answer the ones you didn’t know you had.