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If you have a child going off to college, a home that doesn’t have a filtered water system, or if you love to camp and travel you will want to hear all of the great things about the awesome product I was able to review. The Travel Berkey Water Filter.



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Size Doesn’t Matter – Travel Berkey.

Water serves as an important component of our daily lives, we do so many things with it, and without its presence there would be tasks and important matters that won’t work well and can’t be done.

You might be living on places abundant with water, but the problem is not limited only to the amount but also to its cleanliness and safeness for consumption.

People who are unaware of the possible effects of consuming contaminated water won’t really worry much about certain peculiarities on their tap; smell, texture, or slight discoloration are actually signs of contamination.

The toxins and pathogens present on untreated water may bring you more risk than the benefit of consuming it; even treated water sometimes has harmful sediments left.

We consume water several times every day, thus, water consumption does not only take place at home.

Sometimes we travel out with our family, go on picnics and camping; when we are out on these moments, what do we have to protect us from consuming contaminated water in the area?

At home or out on the wild, it is advisable to have enough clean water to consume; Why would there be a need for clean water? How would it be possible?

How to Diminish Water Contaminants

The popularity of waterborne diseases have been existing for decades, and with all those years passed, many technologies and methods were created as possible solution on treating contaminated water.

However, if you are aiming to solve the problem with a limited space, always busy, or if you are out to travel, Travel Berkey Water Filter might come handy to you.

Our Berkey Water Filters are capable of cleaning 99.9% of toxins and unwanted sediments including bacteria and metals on your water, despite being smaller in size, it could surpass the cleaning ability of other water filter on the market.

It is very easy to use and does not require much of effort when treating your water, it is also portable and could be placed anywhere you desire

Berkey Water Filters can remove:

  • Bisphenol-A – Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Chloramines – Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Pharmaceuticals – Removed to greater than 99.5%.
  • Petroleum Contaminants – Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Methylcycohexane-methane – Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Pesticides – Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Heavy Metals – Removed to greater than 99.1%.
  • Coliform and e-Coli – Removed to greater than 99.9%.
    See the Laboratory Testing Results of our filters.


I do not have a home water filter system.  I usually buy bottled water for my family to drink(which can become costly) or we use the filter from the refrigerator.The Travel Berkey makes things much easier. I just fill it in the morning and we have fresh/clean water to drink all day. No more bottled water for us! I can taste such a difference between the water filtered from the Berkey compared to the filter system in my fridge. The water appears much clearer as well. I can’t wait to take this camping and to take it on our travels. It is even great on a long distance car trip, or spending the day on a boat. The possibilities are endless.  It was extremely easy to assemble. A good test that is recommended would be to add red food coloring to the water that you want to purify. It the water comes out clear then your system is working properly! Berkey recommends this test to be done at first use and then at six month intervals.

Here are some of the reasons why I love the Travel Berkey:

  1. Who doesn’t love clean water? This can easily serve 1-3 people during every day use. It can produce up to 2.75 gallons of purified water per hour. That is pretty awesome!
  2. It is light weight! Only 6.13 pounds empty. Very easy to carry when you travel.
  3. It is small enough to pack right in my suitcase. When this is fully assembled the height is 18″ and diameter is 7.5″.
  4. It removes hundreds of contaminants: Bacteria and parasites,  lead and mercury, VOCs and toxic chemicals like benzene, chlorine and chromium-6 , pesticides and more.
  5. No electricity needed! Just pour the water into the top chamber and it filters down into the bottom chamber. Super easy!!
  6. Great to have in case of an emergency. This is perfect is you need to filter river water or pond water.
  7. Perfect for camping so you will always have fresh water available.


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The Travel Berkey comes with 2 filters and the price is $228.00 with free shipping.  


The Berkey Water Filter comes in many different sizes, so you will be able to find one to fit your needs.

The Berkey Sale: Get up to 50% OFF on selected items  when you buy with Berkey Water Filter Systems. Limited-time offer.

*Due to state regulations, this product is not being shipped to Iowa.

Connect with Berkey: Twitter Facebook

*I received a product in exchange for this review. I am not affiliated with the company, and all opinions are my own


My name is Marijean, I live in Sunny FL with my wonderful husband and 2 children. I love Disney, Coffee and Blogging 🙂

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How To Make Eco-Friendly Home Improvements That Raise Property Value




Photo via Pixabay by Brenkee

*This is a guest post. 


Making home improvements can be time-consuming and sometimes costly, but if you’re looking to go green as well as raise your home’s value, there are several things you can do to improve what you already have by making tweaks or using different materials.

A good way to start is by looking at what your family uses the most and adding up how much it costs you by month or year; that way, you can see your needs all in one place and begin the process of totalling how much you’ll save by making the improvements (as well as how much they’ll cost you initially). Having all those numbers in front of you will enable you to see the big picture, so that when the time comes to lay out cash for new windows or appliances you’ll have a better understanding of how much you’ll be saving in the long run.

If you’re looking to make upgrades strictly to add curb appeal or raise the property value to sell, there are several things to try that won’t break the bank but will make a big impact on potential buyers. Here are some of the best tips.

Use technology to your advantage

These days, there are “smart” devices everywhere, from phones to televisions. But you may not realize they come in appliance form, as well. Refrigerators and thermostats also have smart technology, and they can save you hundreds of dollars on energy bills at the end of the year.


Windows and doors–especially those on the sides of the home that receive the most exposure to weather and sun–need to be looked at to see whether they are truly a good fit (in every sense of the word). If there are cracks around the seams that are allowing cool and warm air to escape, replacing them with energy-efficient windows is the best way to go. You can also use an eco-friendly caulking solution to seal up those little cracks.

You can also place insulation made from recycled materials in spaces that are notorious for letting air escape, such as attics or crawlspaces.

Check that hot water heater

Hot water heaters don’t last forever, so it’s important to make sure the one you have is in good working order and isn’t too old. If you’re looking to replace it, check out an energy-efficient brand that will heat water at lightning-fast speeds so you’re not wasting it as you wait for it to heat up.

Rainwater collection

You’ll need to check with local laws about whether or not you can install a rain barrel on your property, but even if you can’t use one you still may be able to keep gardens hydrated by planting flowers and vegetables in plots that have a shallow indentation. This collects rainwater and gives your plants a drink automatically, and helps prevent soil erosion at the same time. Having a lovely landscape can add tremendous curb appeal to your home and, if you use plants that are native to your area, that’s a green bonus as they won’t interfere with other flora and fauna.

Making improvements to a home can be overwhelming at times, but if you start simple and work from room to room, you’ll be able to figure out what you need more easily and keep yourself from getting stressed.

Paul Denikin began learning the ins and outs of DIY home repair while making his home better fit and more accessible for his daughter, Maggie, who has special needs. Paul wants to continue to help special needs parents like himself, and offer them a source for ideas. And that’s why he created DadKnowsDIY.com, a website that offers home improvement project how-tos and other accessibility information. When Paul isn’t being handy around the house, he likes to take Maggie to the movies on the weekends.



My name is Marijean, I live in Sunny FL with my wonderful husband and 2 children. I love Disney, Coffee and Blogging 🙂

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Clean your Car Easily with Just Water using e-auto Car Cleaning Kit @ecloth




I am always looking for easier ways to wash my vehicles. I don’t take them to car washes so my husband and I do it all by hand ourselves. We spend a lot of money on car wash fluid and other sprays to make our vehicles nice and clean. When I heard there was a product to use on our vehicles with just water and no chemicals, I was definitely interested on trying it out. Let me introduce you to e-auto by e-cloth.



FullSizeRender 12


Here is more information about e-auto by e-cloth:

Car Cleaning Kit
The perfect solution for keeping your car clean and sparkling.
The three products in the Car Cleaning Kit and water are all you need to quickly clean, dry and shine your whole car. e-auto products are so powerful,
they can clean using just water. They will also perform well with a small amount of your regular cleaning liquid.
e-auto cloths have 1.6 million fibers per square inch. By using e-cloth’s unique fiber technology with water, they break
up and hold dirt, grime and grease which normal cloths leave behind.

Kit includes one (1) each: 
Dual Action Mitt, Dry & Shine Cloth, and Glass & Chrome Cloth

  • Dual Action Mitt – 10” x 6.75”
    • Orange “soft-fingered” side will quickly handle all the tough initial cleaning and get into hard to reach areas.
    • The smooth grey side is for general and spot cleaning


  • e-auto Dry & Shine Cloth
    • Dry and Shine Cloth – 16” x 24”
    • After use of the e-auto Dual Action Mitt, use dry on the wet body, glass and shiny surfaces for the perfect water mark free, polished finish
    • Cleaning power of the fibers removes any residues of grease and grime and is effective on all surfaces: body, lights, glass and chrome


  • e-auto Glass & Chrome Cloth
    • Glass and Chrome Cloth – 20” x 16”
    • Use the Glass and Chrome cloth to produce a perfect smear-free, lint-free and polished finish on windshields, glass, chrome and mirrors using just water

Care and Laundering: Rinsing thoroughly each of the three products in the Car Cleaning Kit during use is
enough for day to day use. To ensure your e-auto cloths perform at their best, we recommend machine
washing in hot water with a little detergent. Tumble or hang dry. DO NOT USE BLEACH OR FABRIC
SOFTENER. If fabric softener is used by mistake, re-wash with just detergent. Guaranteed to perform
after 300 machine washes.


We tried this kit on my husbands truck. He doesn’t wash it much so it was VERY dirty. I figured this would be perfect to see how this kit really can handle the dirt with no car was liquid. My husband just sprayed the entire truck with water and started wiping it down.






As you can see my husband’s truck was extremely dirty. He filled his bucket with water and starting washing the truck with the Dual Action Mitt. He started cleaning the truck and what we noticed was no lint left over. Most cloths leave lint which gets highly annoying, so this is a big plus that the Mitt doesn’t leave a lint trace while washing. The dirt came off with very little struggle. The second step is the Dry & Shine Cloth. This cloth quickly dried the wet surface and did leave a nice shine on the truck. The third step is the Glass & Chrome Cloth. My husband used this cloth on the windows and chrome and it left both nice and smear free.









This e-auto set left my husband’s car very clean and shiny. It didn’t take much time to clean, and I love that you don’t have to use any cleaning fluid with it unless you want to. The Mitt is also guaranteed for 300 washes.

The only con I have about this product is that I wish the Mitt had a bug scrubber attached on the back for the bugs that end up all over the cars. Sometimes scrubbing will not take them off and you need something that will remove the bugs. Otherwise the Mitt works great for simple dirt removal with water.

I definitely recommend the e-auto set by e-cloth. It did cut some of our washing time down, and really did make the cars sparkle and shine without the use of chemicals. e-cloth also makes many other products such as Baby care, Pet care, Body Care, Mops and much more. Check them all out here!


Connect with e-cloth on their Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube pages to keep up with their latest news, specials, and more!

You can purchase this set from e-cloth.com for $24.99 by clicking here. 




***I was given a product in exchange for my honest opinion. This review is based on my experience with the product. I am not affiliated with the company and everything in this review is my opinion.


My name is Marijean, I live in Sunny FL with my wonderful husband and 2 children. I love Disney, Coffee and Blogging 🙂

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Love Organic and Recycled Clothing? Check Out WayClothes @WayClothes


*This is a sponsored post

I am always trying to find new ways to help the environment. Whether it be using green cleaning products, recycling anything and everything I can, or even planting flowers and vegetable plants with my children, any little thing helps. I want to do more though. I have never thought about wearing Organic clothing honestly, but when I found out it is an option I was all for it. Organic clothing can be very expensive though. Spending $50 on a t-shirt just doesn’t sit well with me or my budget. I have found a website that has Organic clothing for the whole family that won’t break the bank.


WayClothes.com features very affordable blank clothing and accessories at wholesale prices for the whole family. There is even free shipping on all orders. They also offer a large variety of Eco-friendly clothing and accessories as well as Organic apparel.

Why go Organic?

An increasing number of brands recognize the importance in sourcing organic cotton as an alternative to non-organic materials. Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic pesticides, fertilizers and GMO’s that are proven to harm the environment, farmers, producers and the consumer. Pesticides and chemicals can cause health concerns like headaches and nausea to chronic impacts like cancer, reproductive harm, and endocrine disruption. Clothing made of non toxic dyes and are free from chemicals also won’t cause rashes and irritation to you and your family, and also causes fewer allergies and reduces respiratory illness.


WayClothes offers many options for Organic clothing and accessories. Let me show you some of the options.



econscious Ladies’ 4.4 oz., 100% Organic Cotton Classic Short-Sleeve T-Shirt EC3000

Price starts at just $8.50 depending on color choice.





econscious 6.5 oz., 100% Organic Cotton Piqué Polo EC2500

Price starts at just $15.52 depending on color choice.




econscious 4.7 oz. Organic Cotton Canvas Farmer’s Market Bag EC8050

Price starts at just $9.66 depending on color choice. 





econscious 8 oz. Organic Cotton/Recycled Polyester Eco Apron EC6015

Price starts at just $10.48 depending on color choice. 



WayClothes also offers Recycled clothing. Recycled clothing and accessories are a big thing right now. Consumers should not dispose of unwanted textiles or clothing in the garbage because almost 100% of it can be recycled. When we recycle unwanted clothing and textiles, it provides three main benefits: funds charitable programs, reduces solid waste, and provides economic stimulus and employment here and abroad. If you throw away your clothes, it goes to landfills and sits there. Why not reuse instead?


WayClothes offers many options for Recycled clothing and accessories. Let me show you some of the options.







Anvil Organic Ringspun/Recycled Polyester T-Shirt 450

Price starts at just $6.88 depending on color choice. 





econscious Men’s 9 oz. Organic/Recycled Full-Zip Hood EC5650

Price is only $28.66.



econscious Eco Trucker Organic/Recycled Cap EC7070

Price starts at just $5.98 depending on color choice. 

With WayClothes.com it is easy to find the styles you love in organic and recycled clothing. With very affordable pricing, you won’t be disappointed. Check out wayclothes.com today!


Connect with Wayclothes: Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest


Have you tried Organic or Recycled clothing yet? Let us know in the comments below if you have! 


My name is Marijean, I live in Sunny FL with my wonderful husband and 2 children. I love Disney, Coffee and Blogging 🙂

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Top Ways To Make Your Home More Green-Friendly

In life, we are always trying to find ways to be more green-friendly. Not only is it essential to help the environment, but it’s also ideal to save money on bills. Here are some ways you can make your home more green-friendly.

Change bulbs to eco-friendly ones

One of the top ways to make your home more green-friendly is to change your light bulbs to eco-friendly ones. It’s an excellent way to help the environment and to save money on your electric bill. As this article reveals, by using bulbs such as fluorescent light bulbs, you will end up using only a quarter of the electricity of regular bulbs. They can last much longer too.




Use green products

Another way you can make your home more eco-friendly is to use products which are green-friendly when cleaning your home. Check out how they have been created to ensure they do not harm the environment by polluting the air. You can also hire a cleaner to tidy your home who is green-friendly. There are many around such as http://betterlifemaids.com/, who will do green-friendly cleaning for your home.

Keep heating to a minimum

You should also be ensuring you make your home more green-friendly by keeping your heating to a minimum in your home. A lot of people have the heating on during the day when they are not home which is not necessary. It will just pollute the air, as well as causing you to have high bills. Therefore, set your heating, so it only comes on when you are in the home. You can also keep your heating to a minimum by keeping the doors shut in your house and windows closed to make your home warmer and more green-friendly. It will also reduce your high energy bill at the end of the quarter.

Reduce meat consumption

Another thing you can do to be more green-friendly is to reduce your meat consumption. You should be attempting to eat a broad range of foods in your home so that you can help the environment. There are so many delicious vegetarian dishes that you can try. We discuss here how you can even reduce the meat consumption of your pets by buying non-meat dog food at the supermarket.



                Image Source

Use less water in the home

You should also consider how much water you are currently using in your home. You might be running the tap for ages waiting for the sink to fill up. But this means you are using vital water which could be being used in the environment. You could consider using a circulating water pump to ensure the water heats up very quickly. That way, you will end up saving so much water. Also, you should consider how long you currently take in the shower. If you find you are in there for a long time, it’s time to have a quicker shower or take a bath instead. Also, consider putting your clothes out to dry on a hanging line rather than always in the dryer, which will use up so much energy.

You know by following the above that you are doing your bit to help the environment by making your home greener.


I'm a mother of 2 who likes to get involved in too much! Besides writing here I started a non-profit, I'm on the PTO board, very active in my community and volunteer in the school. I enjoy music, reading, cooking, traveling and spending time with my family. We just adopted our 3rd cat and love them all!

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