Vacuvita Vacuum Food Storage System Review





If you want to take the classic practice of vacuum sealing to a new level with style and convenience, you must check out the Vacuvita Vacuum Food Storage System! This system is absolutely amazing, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it and how it has changed the way I store food.

What is Vacuvita?

Keep food fresh up to 5 times longer

Enjoy your daily fresh food, stop food wastage and save money. Vacuvita is a fully-automated and sustainable kitchen system that keeps food fresh for up to 5 times longer! No more freezer burned meat, dried out vegetables and soggy salad.

Have you ever tasted a steak, prepared sous-vide? With your Vacuvita system you can and you will love it! Did you forget to marinate your salmon the day before? In the vacuum containers you marinate in minutes, just in time for your spontaneous BBQ with friends and family. Whether it is marinating, pickling, sous-vide cooking, Vacuvita will help you to cook like a chef.

Did you know an average household wastes 1300 pounds of food a year costing them over $1500?

I was able to review the Vacuvita home base along with the complete container package and storage bags. This complete package would provide you everything you need to start storing your food longer and to keep it fresher.

This system utilizes not just vacuum storage bags but also various sizes of food storage containers. The bags comes in sizes Medium and Large and are completely resealable with a zipper. For example, if you store 2 chicken breasts in the bag but only want to eat one, you can do so easily and then reseal the bag. This will prevent unnecessary waste of plastic or food. Vacuvita bags are BPA and BPS free and made out of a multi-layered plastic that is stronger than what most competitor’s use.

The containers have made it possible to store foods that you were unable to store with bags with other food storage systems. Many items such as bread, chips, cookies, donuts and pantry items that could easily be crushed in the bags. These containers come in various sizes (small, medium and large) and colors (white, blue, orange and green) to suit your needs and your kitchen style. They are well designed, durable, reusable, dishwasher proof and free of BPA or BPS. With a see-through-window, and usage of high-end materials you own, this is the newest and best vacuum food container in the market. You can easily refrigerate or freeze fruits, meats, nuts and vegetables in these containers. Utilize the app for your iPhone or Android device and you will never have to worry about how long it has been in the fridge or freezer or when you put the items in the container. The Vacuvita containers can be scanned and also bags can be added. You can conveniently scan the contents of your containers without breaking the vacuum seal. When food is nearing its shelve life you’ll get a message so you can consume it in time. You’ll know exactly what you have, so you can plan your meal – even if you’re not in the kitchen. I enjoy having salad for lunch everyday, however I could never consume it quick enough before it turned soggy and brown. The containers allow me to save money on my salad items because they last so much longer in the containers.

Let me tell you about the main unit of this system, the Home Base. The Home Base is the perfect way to keep your food fresh right on your counter top. It can also be used to apply vacuum to external containers and bags. I use the home base to store my bread products right now. The home base cannot be stored in the fridge or freezer, it needs to be plugged in on your counter top. It opens easily with the push of a button, and once you close it, it automatically reseals. So easy and simple. When you want to seal up bags or containers, just plug the adaptor in and a little button will appear on the top lid of the home base. Once you put the adapter on the sealing part of the bag or container, push the button and then you just wait for the sealing to be complete. Very easy and simple.

Storing crisp, dry foods and humid products in the same Home Base or container causes the dry products to go soggy and the moist products to turn dry. Fresh baked bread is actually both: a crispy crust, and a soft, moist interior. We recommend that you leave the bread in a paper or plastic bag inside the Homebase. That way it is protected from the outside air and atmosphere, but does not suffer from the moisture migration.

The quality of your bread and ingredients also strongly affect the storage time. Some store bought breads have preservatives in them, so they are likely to keep longer than home baked or artisanal breads that don’t.

Because the air is sucked out of the Homebase, bags or containers, the relative humidity inside is much higher. This means that sometimes when you open the Homebase, it feels warm in there, while it is actually not warmer, but more humid than the room the Homebase is standing in. Some baked goods are very sensitive to high humidity and might even spoil faster. Keeping the bread inside a bag will resolve that as well.

If you enjoy cooking Sous Vide style, Vacuvita and Chef Steps Joule are a perfect match! I recently reviewed the Chef Steps Joule, and I love how my food turned out pairing that with the Vacuvita bags. This is such an easy process for anyone, whether you are a first time cook or a master cook!  I purchased 2 rib eye steaks from the market, once I seasoned them up it was time to put them in the Vacuvita bag. The medium sized bag was perfect for the steaks. Once the bags were sealed it was time to cook! Since the bags are BPS and BPA free, I didn’t have to worry about any chemicals leaching into my food while I cook. My steak came out amazing and was juicy and delicious.


Check out this handy list comparing items to storing with or without the vacuum system:


Room temperature No vacuum Vacuum
Baked goods 2-3days 5-7days
Coffee, tea 30-60days 365days
Cookies 120days 300days
Dry Foods 10-30days 30-90days
Nuts 30days 90-120days
Pasta (uncooked) 180days 365days
Potato Chips 5-10days 20-30days
Rice (uncooked) 180days 365days
Fridge * No vacuum Vacuum
Berries, fresh 3-7days 8-20days
Cooked meals** 2days 6days
Desserts 5days 10-15days
Deli Meat 3days 6-8days
Fish, fresh 2days 4-5days
Lettuce 3days 6-8days
Meat, cooked 3-4days 8-10days
Meat, fresh 2days 6days
Meat / Sausages,
cured or smoked
90days 365days
Nuts 30-60days 120-180days
Poultry, fresh 2days 6days
Spices, fresh 2-3days 7-12days
Vegetables, fresh 4days 6-12days
Freezer * No vacuum Vacuum
Baked goods 6-12months 18months
Bread, rolls 6-12months 18-36months
Coffee, beans 6-9months 18-27months
Coffee, ground 6months 12-34months
Deli Meat 2months 4-6months
Fish, fresh 6months 18months
Fruit 6-10months 18-30months
Meat, fresh 6months 18months
Meat, minced 4months 12months
Poultry, fresh 6months 18months
Spices 3-4months 8-12months
Vegetables, fresh 8months 24months
*when using vacuum bags
**depends on ingredients.

As you can see, so many food items can be stored in the containers and bags and kept fresh. The containers are a great size and fit perfectly in my fridge or freezer with no issues. I love how you can just pop the containers open, take out what you want, seal it up and put it back. Same with the bags and their zipper closure.


I reviewed the Complete Kitchen Package that is on sale right now for $299.00 with free shipping until March 12th. 

Complete Kitchen Package contains:
  • 1 Vacuvita home base
  • 1 Container large
  • 1 Container medium
  • 2 Container small
  • 1 Vacuum tube for Container
  • 20 Large vacuum bags
  • 20 Medium vacuum bags
  • 1 Power adapter
  • 1 Manual





This package is perfect for starting out. I also purchased 2 additional large sized containers for my cereals. They are the perfect size for a large box of dry cereal.

In Conclusion, Vacuvita has really changed the way I store my foods. No more crushed foods or stale bread products, no more freezer burned meats. And most of all, no more waste! Vacuvita keeps all of my foods fresh for a long time. Vacuvita is the sustainable way to save food and money. What more can you ask for?! Click here to shop and learn more about Vacuvita! 

Connect with Vacuvita: Website Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest

*I received a complete set in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own 


My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children's school.

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I'm a mother of 2 who likes to get involved in too much! Besides writing here I started a non-profit, I'm on the PTO board, very active in my community and volunteer in the school. I enjoy music, reading, cooking, traveling and spending time with my family. We just adopted our 3rd cat and love them all!

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3. Accelerated Growth
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“Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes for Econoheat., the world’s #1 leading OMNI heaters manufacturer.”



I'm a mother of 2 who likes to get involved in too much! Besides writing here I started a non-profit, I'm on the PTO board, very active in my community and volunteer in the school. I enjoy music, reading, cooking, traveling and spending time with my family. We just adopted our 3rd cat and love them all!

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Caboo Paper Products Review





*This review was written by blog contributor Mariella Sajkowski

I’m always looking for safe products to use in my house and for my family.  When it came to paper products, I never really knew what to buy so I just purchased what was on sale.  I thought all toilet paper, napkins, tissues, and paper towels were the same.  All these products are white, which means they’re free of dyes and have to be safe, right?  All paper products perform the same, right?  Well, I was wrong.  I was recently asked to write a review for Caboo Paper Products and now all the confusion has passed.


I tested four products by Caboo: napkins, paper towels, tissues, and toilet paper.  First let me begin by telling you a little about the company.  Caboo makes sustainable paper products from bamboo and sugarcane.  These plants grow quickly so there’s no need to uselessly destroy trees. Unlike trees, bamboo and sugarcane do not require replanting.  All of Caboo’s products are 100% biodegradable.  This also means their products are more eco-friendly than their recycled counterparts.  Lastly, they are non-GMO verified, BPA and chlorine free which was what interested me the most about this company.



When you think bamboo, you think hard and stiff.  Caboo was anything but these things. I was really impressed with these products.  The napkins were soft yet strong!  They weren’t stiff like many other brands of napkins.  The paper towels were similar.  They were absorbent with spills and held up to hand drying and house cleaning.  The tissues have lasted through three children with colds and several nosebleeds.  We’ve had no blow-outs or pesky lint floating around.



Finally, the toilet paper.  Many of us are toilet paper snobs (at least in my house).  We want thickness so it doesn’t tear but not too thick because it will leave behind fuzzies.  One ply is too thin and rigid but anything more can be too thick.  Again, I was impressed with Caboo’s 2-ply softness.  It’s velvety without all dust and lint and has just the right amount of texture.

Caboo has a luxurious feel you wouldn’t expect from eco-friendly products.  The company puts your mind at ease by keeping the Earth clean while keeping your families safe.   I highly recommend their products for their performance and their safety.  You can pick them up at Whole Foods, Wegman’s, and Bristol Farms just to name a few.  You can also log onto their website at to search a Caboo retailer nearest you.


**I received products in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.


My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children's school.

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Purify you Water with The Travel Berkey Water Filter Review @the_berkey




If you have a child going off to college, a home that doesn’t have a filtered water system, or if you love to camp and travel you will want to hear all of the great things about the awesome product I was able to review. The Travel Berkey Water Filter.



FullSizeRender 22


Size Doesn’t Matter – Travel Berkey.

Water serves as an important component of our daily lives, we do so many things with it, and without its presence there would be tasks and important matters that won’t work well and can’t be done.

You might be living on places abundant with water, but the problem is not limited only to the amount but also to its cleanliness and safeness for consumption.

People who are unaware of the possible effects of consuming contaminated water won’t really worry much about certain peculiarities on their tap; smell, texture, or slight discoloration are actually signs of contamination.

The toxins and pathogens present on untreated water may bring you more risk than the benefit of consuming it; even treated water sometimes has harmful sediments left.

We consume water several times every day, thus, water consumption does not only take place at home.

Sometimes we travel out with our family, go on picnics and camping; when we are out on these moments, what do we have to protect us from consuming contaminated water in the area?

At home or out on the wild, it is advisable to have enough clean water to consume; Why would there be a need for clean water? How would it be possible?

How to Diminish Water Contaminants

The popularity of waterborne diseases have been existing for decades, and with all those years passed, many technologies and methods were created as possible solution on treating contaminated water.

However, if you are aiming to solve the problem with a limited space, always busy, or if you are out to travel, Travel Berkey Water Filter might come handy to you.

Our Berkey Water Filters are capable of cleaning 99.9% of toxins and unwanted sediments including bacteria and metals on your water, despite being smaller in size, it could surpass the cleaning ability of other water filter on the market.

It is very easy to use and does not require much of effort when treating your water, it is also portable and could be placed anywhere you desire

Berkey Water Filters can remove:

  • Bisphenol-A – Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Chloramines – Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Pharmaceuticals – Removed to greater than 99.5%.
  • Petroleum Contaminants – Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Methylcycohexane-methane – Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Pesticides – Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Heavy Metals – Removed to greater than 99.1%.
  • Coliform and e-Coli – Removed to greater than 99.9%.
    See the Laboratory Testing Results of our filters.


I do not have a home water filter system.  I usually buy bottled water for my family to drink(which can become costly) or we use the filter from the refrigerator.The Travel Berkey makes things much easier. I just fill it in the morning and we have fresh/clean water to drink all day. No more bottled water for us! I can taste such a difference between the water filtered from the Berkey compared to the filter system in my fridge. The water appears much clearer as well. I can’t wait to take this camping and to take it on our travels. It is even great on a long distance car trip, or spending the day on a boat. The possibilities are endless.  It was extremely easy to assemble. A good test that is recommended would be to add red food coloring to the water that you want to purify. It the water comes out clear then your system is working properly! Berkey recommends this test to be done at first use and then at six month intervals.

Here are some of the reasons why I love the Travel Berkey:

  1. Who doesn’t love clean water? This can easily serve 1-3 people during every day use. It can produce up to 2.75 gallons of purified water per hour. That is pretty awesome!
  2. It is light weight! Only 6.13 pounds empty. Very easy to carry when you travel.
  3. It is small enough to pack right in my suitcase. When this is fully assembled the height is 18″ and diameter is 7.5″.
  4. It removes hundreds of contaminants: Bacteria and parasites,  lead and mercury, VOCs and toxic chemicals like benzene, chlorine and chromium-6 , pesticides and more.
  5. No electricity needed! Just pour the water into the top chamber and it filters down into the bottom chamber. Super easy!!
  6. Great to have in case of an emergency. This is perfect is you need to filter river water or pond water.
  7. Perfect for camping so you will always have fresh water available.


FullSizeRender 21


The Travel Berkey comes with 2 filters and the price is $228.00 with free shipping.  


The Berkey Water Filter comes in many different sizes, so you will be able to find one to fit your needs.

The Berkey Sale: Get up to 50% OFF on selected items  when you buy with Berkey Water Filter Systems. Limited-time offer.

*Due to state regulations, this product is not being shipped to Iowa.

Connect with Berkey: Twitter Facebook

*I received a product in exchange for this review. I am not affiliated with the company, and all opinions are my own


My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children's school.

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