Young Living Essential Oils Giveaway


I have always been interested in trying Essential Oils. I have many friends who swear by them, and that essential oils can help everyday issues such as stress, headaches, stomach issues and much more. I am for anything natural that can help. I was recently contacted by a An independent distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. Her name is Nicolle Schwartz, and she has offered a giveaway for my readers. Below you will find information all about Young Living Essential Oils.


About Young Living:

Young Living was started by Gary Young over 20 years ago. He and his wife Mary still run, own and operate the company.  Young Living owns all of their own farms and distilleries all over the globe.

Young Living has developed their own “Seed to Seal” promise that ensures that they have inspected the purity of the oil from the planting of the seed to the sealing of the bottle.

Because of the Seed to Seal promise, they are what we call, “beyond organic”.  When Young Living buys land for a new farm they even check the history of that land to ensure there has never been any pesticides or herbicides used on it that could leak into the crop.Young Living Essential Oils don’t have any additives in them and are complete pure.  This makes them safe for Ingestion.

Stroll through a lavender field or a pine forest, and your senses are instantly awakened—from the energizing aromas that envelop you to the sense of well-being that they evoke. At Young Living, we celebrate this harmony between nature, body, mind, and soul, and we infuse it into everything we make.


What are Essential Oils?

Young Living Essential Oils are a pure, therapeutic grade and work with your body to assist your health.  Within 20 minutes of applying an oil, they can be found in every cell of your body.   These types of pure oils are steam distilled from plants and contain the hormones, immunity, scents and essence of each one.  They can be used aromatically (through diffusing, putting a couple of drops in your hands and smelling or just smelling from the bottle), topically (the feet is the best place to start as they are the least sensitive) or some oils are FDA approved to be ingested as well.

In addition to essential oils,  Young Living also provides chemical free cleaning products, a kids line, beauty products, and other products to supplement a healthy lifestyle.

Here is some information about what you need to get started with Essential Oils!

Premium Starter Kit:

Includes a diffuser, 11 oils, samples, literature, access to member wholesale prices and an amazing community that offers workshops and resources to help you make the most of your kit. The PSK usually costs $160 but I will offer it for $135 to your readers. There are 11 oils that come in the starter kit to get you started. The 11 that come in the kit are:

* Lavender – 
Calming. Soothing. Great for skin.  Perfect before bedtime.  Add into coconut oil for your skin care routine.  Use when battling spring seasonal issues.

* Lemon – 

Cleansing.  Use while cleaning sticky surfaces.  Use while cleaning crayon off the wall.  Add to water for a cleansing boost.  Supportive of respiratory health.

* Peppermint – 

Hot/Icy feeling.  Keep away from eyes.  Great to use across head and neck for head tension.  Diffuse while working.  Supports the intestinal system.  Use after a big meal.

* Frankincense –

The #1 oil for skin care.  Add to coconut oil for your skin care routine.  Great for youthful looking skin.  Key ingredient in an oil blend called, “Brain Power”.  Research is being done on this powerful oil and it’s properties for health.  Look into the research on this one!

* Thieves

One of Young Living’s most popular blends.  Great to diffuse during the winter when germs are entering your house.  Supports healthy immune function.  It has a warm, Christmas scent.

* Copaiba –

Promotes wellness.  Supports the body’s natural response to injury and irritation.  Add to a hot tea for a soothing throat drink.

* Digize –

Use after a big meal.  Supportive of the digestive system.  Add to water or take in a capsule.

* Purification –

Cleansing.  Diffuse to clean and freshen air.  Apply to skin to enjoy the outdoors annoyance free.

* Panaway –

Hot/Icy Feeling.  Apply topically after exercise to muscles.  Apply to neck and back while experiencing head tension.

* RC –

Unique blend of 3 types of Eucalyptus.  Supportive of the respiratory system.  Apply to chest or diffuse.

* Stress Away –

 A blend of vanilla and lime.  Use to combat every day stresses.

This kit retails for $160, however Nicolle is willing to offer it to my readers for a $25 discount making the kit only $135.

To purchase a kit, readers can click on the below link. Please contact Nicolle Schwartz at to receive your discount.

Connect with Nicolle Schwartz: Facebook  Instagram
If you currently love essential oils, and want to learn more about the business side of Young Living, please contact Nicolle and she will answer all of your questions!


One lucky reader will win a Stress Away Roller! It is a lovely mix of vanilla, lime, copaiba and cedarwood. Roll it on your wrists during a hectic day at work, on your feet before bedtime, or on kids before they go to school.  It is great to keep in your purse. U.S. residents only, giveaway ends on 4/17/2017.

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*No compensation was given to me for this review.


My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children's school.

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Take Your Kitchen Into the Future!



A lot of people seem to assume that the kitchen hasn’t changed much over the years. And perhaps there’s an element of truth to that. After all, it’s not as if the actual function of the kitchen has changed at all! But, in fact, how we do things in the kitchen has changed in many ways. Perhaps people were expecting us to have robots that would prepare our meals for us by now. Heck, there were people who assumed we’d be eating all of our meals in pill forms by the year 2000. I guess we wouldn’t have needed a kitchen at all if things had turned out that way!

But the modern family is as interested in good food preparation than ever. Not only that, but we’re a lot more concerned about the effect our kitchen has on the environment. So a lot of the changes have been leaning more in these directions. Our kitchen activities haven’t changed that radically, nor are they going to change that radically in the future. But there’s no denying that change is happening in the kitchen.



We’re going to take a look at some of the amazing advances in kitchen technology. We’re going to focus on things that affect the things modern kitchen dwellers are mostly in interested in. These areas concern quality, time, health, and the environment!

Invasion of the Internet of Things!

The Internet of Things is probably a term you’ve heard or seen while browsing the Internet. But what exactly is it? To put it briefly, it refers to the installation of Internet capabilities in our everyday objects. These objects will track certain data, then send that data to another device. The vast majority of the time, this will involve your smartphone.



A very popular example of this in the realm of the kitchen has, of course, to do with coffee. It’s also where the Internet of Things in the kitchen becomes really involved. We’ve been using coffee machines in the kitchen for decades, right? And they didn’t really change much in all of that time. But not you can get a coffee machine that has WiFi capabilities. This allows you to connect it to your smartphone. At a press of a button on your smartphone, your coffee machine will get your brew going!

But it can get even more involved in that. Some of these WiFi coffee machines connect to activity trackers. If you wear one of these on your wrist while you sleep, then all sorts of information is being recorded during the night. This information can actually track how well you’ve slept. If you didn’t get enough sleep, then the coffee machine adjusts the strength of your morning brew!




This, of course, is just one example. Slow cookers, dishwashers, refrigerators, and even trash cans are featuring this sort of technology! The Internet of Things is certainly on a mission to take over the kitchen.

Thinking green

There are loads of advances that are taking the environment into account. While a lot of the technology here isn’t as flashy as some of the others, they are representative of our most “futuristic” mindset. After all, a full understanding of what our everyday activities do to the environment is a very modern thing. Just a couple of decades ago, many would never have predicted we’d ever care all that much!

The kitchen is no longer where the bulk of our energy use comes from, especially in very modern home. Nevertheless, a large portion of our energy and carbon footprints are created there. This is why its so important for us to “get with the times” when it comes to new kitchen appliances and technology.



For a lot of people, this means investing in induction cooking. While there are, of course, pros and cons to induction cooking, it is incredibly energy efficient. It’s been around for decades, but recently the demand has increased. This means that prices have been driven down, and the selection has gone up. It’s one of the must-haves when it comes to the modern kitchen. If you combine it with the right induction cookware, then you’ve got an incredibly powerful and efficient setup!

Gadgets that help reduce water output are also becoming a lot more popular these days. Thankfully, a lot of these aren’t really high-tech! (Which basically translates to “they’re very low-cost!”.) If you think about it, the amount of water you need for any given task is such a small amount of what we actually use. This is rarely something we can help. The nature of the water flow means that more than we need is always used. But advanced thinking is coming to the rescue! There are advanced faucet aerators you can install onto your kitchen tap that dissipates the water you use. This creates a high amount of moisture while using only 2-5% of the water you would otherwise have used!

Health in the kitchen

When we think about health in the kitchen, we generally think about two things. We consider the nutritional value of what we’re preparing and eating in the kitchen. We also think about things from a hygienic perspective. After all, the kitchen tends to have more harmful bacteria in it than any other room in the house!



You can get a device that acts as both scales and a preparation surface. That, of course, isn’t the high-tech part. It also quantifies the nutritional value of whatever you’re preparing! This is actually part of the expanding “Internet of Things”. It can connect to your smartphone or tablet to help you keep track of your nutrition from day to day.

As for hygiene, the trick is in making sure you clean everything properly, right? But, of course, the age-old problem is that you can’t actually see most of the harmful bacteria in your kitchen. It can be hard to tell whether or not your cleaning has actually done the trick. This is where something like the Verilux sanitizing wand. It helps makes that bacteria easier to see, as well as easier to clean. It actually looks like something that’s more befitting an episode of CSI!


I'm a mother of 2 who likes to get involved in too much! Besides writing here I started a non-profit, I'm on the PTO board, very active in my community and volunteer in the school. I enjoy music, reading, cooking, traveling and spending time with my family. We just adopted our 3rd cat and love them all!

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Caboo Paper Products Review





*This review was written by blog contributor Mariella Sajkowski

I’m always looking for safe products to use in my house and for my family.  When it came to paper products, I never really knew what to buy so I just purchased what was on sale.  I thought all toilet paper, napkins, tissues, and paper towels were the same.  All these products are white, which means they’re free of dyes and have to be safe, right?  All paper products perform the same, right?  Well, I was wrong.  I was recently asked to write a review for Caboo Paper Products and now all the confusion has passed.


I tested four products by Caboo: napkins, paper towels, tissues, and toilet paper.  First let me begin by telling you a little about the company.  Caboo makes sustainable paper products from bamboo and sugarcane.  These plants grow quickly so there’s no need to uselessly destroy trees. Unlike trees, bamboo and sugarcane do not require replanting.  All of Caboo’s products are 100% biodegradable.  This also means their products are more eco-friendly than their recycled counterparts.  Lastly, they are non-GMO verified, BPA and chlorine free which was what interested me the most about this company.



When you think bamboo, you think hard and stiff.  Caboo was anything but these things. I was really impressed with these products.  The napkins were soft yet strong!  They weren’t stiff like many other brands of napkins.  The paper towels were similar.  They were absorbent with spills and held up to hand drying and house cleaning.  The tissues have lasted through three children with colds and several nosebleeds.  We’ve had no blow-outs or pesky lint floating around.



Finally, the toilet paper.  Many of us are toilet paper snobs (at least in my house).  We want thickness so it doesn’t tear but not too thick because it will leave behind fuzzies.  One ply is too thin and rigid but anything more can be too thick.  Again, I was impressed with Caboo’s 2-ply softness.  It’s velvety without all dust and lint and has just the right amount of texture.

Caboo has a luxurious feel you wouldn’t expect from eco-friendly products.  The company puts your mind at ease by keeping the Earth clean while keeping your families safe.   I highly recommend their products for their performance and their safety.  You can pick them up at Whole Foods, Wegman’s, and Bristol Farms just to name a few.  You can also log onto their website at to search a Caboo retailer nearest you.


**I received products in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.


My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children's school.

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Clean your Car Easily with Just Water using e-auto Car Cleaning Kit @ecloth




I am always looking for easier ways to wash my vehicles. I don’t take them to car washes so my husband and I do it all by hand ourselves. We spend a lot of money on car wash fluid and other sprays to make our vehicles nice and clean. When I heard there was a product to use on our vehicles with just water and no chemicals, I was definitely interested on trying it out. Let me introduce you to e-auto by e-cloth.



FullSizeRender 12


Here is more information about e-auto by e-cloth:

Car Cleaning Kit
The perfect solution for keeping your car clean and sparkling.
The three products in the Car Cleaning Kit and water are all you need to quickly clean, dry and shine your whole car. e-auto products are so powerful,
they can clean using just water. They will also perform well with a small amount of your regular cleaning liquid.
e-auto cloths have 1.6 million fibers per square inch. By using e-cloth’s unique fiber technology with water, they break
up and hold dirt, grime and grease which normal cloths leave behind.

Kit includes one (1) each: 
Dual Action Mitt, Dry & Shine Cloth, and Glass & Chrome Cloth

  • Dual Action Mitt – 10” x 6.75”
    • Orange “soft-fingered” side will quickly handle all the tough initial cleaning and get into hard to reach areas.
    • The smooth grey side is for general and spot cleaning


  • e-auto Dry & Shine Cloth
    • Dry and Shine Cloth – 16” x 24”
    • After use of the e-auto Dual Action Mitt, use dry on the wet body, glass and shiny surfaces for the perfect water mark free, polished finish
    • Cleaning power of the fibers removes any residues of grease and grime and is effective on all surfaces: body, lights, glass and chrome


  • e-auto Glass & Chrome Cloth
    • Glass and Chrome Cloth – 20” x 16”
    • Use the Glass and Chrome cloth to produce a perfect smear-free, lint-free and polished finish on windshields, glass, chrome and mirrors using just water

Care and Laundering: Rinsing thoroughly each of the three products in the Car Cleaning Kit during use is
enough for day to day use. To ensure your e-auto cloths perform at their best, we recommend machine
washing in hot water with a little detergent. Tumble or hang dry. DO NOT USE BLEACH OR FABRIC
SOFTENER. If fabric softener is used by mistake, re-wash with just detergent. Guaranteed to perform
after 300 machine washes.


We tried this kit on my husbands truck. He doesn’t wash it much so it was VERY dirty. I figured this would be perfect to see how this kit really can handle the dirt with no car was liquid. My husband just sprayed the entire truck with water and started wiping it down.






As you can see my husband’s truck was extremely dirty. He filled his bucket with water and starting washing the truck with the Dual Action Mitt. He started cleaning the truck and what we noticed was no lint left over. Most cloths leave lint which gets highly annoying, so this is a big plus that the Mitt doesn’t leave a lint trace while washing. The dirt came off with very little struggle. The second step is the Dry & Shine Cloth. This cloth quickly dried the wet surface and did leave a nice shine on the truck. The third step is the Glass & Chrome Cloth. My husband used this cloth on the windows and chrome and it left both nice and smear free.









This e-auto set left my husband’s car very clean and shiny. It didn’t take much time to clean, and I love that you don’t have to use any cleaning fluid with it unless you want to. The Mitt is also guaranteed for 300 washes.

The only con I have about this product is that I wish the Mitt had a bug scrubber attached on the back for the bugs that end up all over the cars. Sometimes scrubbing will not take them off and you need something that will remove the bugs. Otherwise the Mitt works great for simple dirt removal with water.

I definitely recommend the e-auto set by e-cloth. It did cut some of our washing time down, and really did make the cars sparkle and shine without the use of chemicals. e-cloth also makes many other products such as Baby care, Pet care, Body Care, Mops and much more. Check them all out here!


Connect with e-cloth on their Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube pages to keep up with their latest news, specials, and more!

You can purchase this set from for $24.99 by clicking here. 




***I was given a product in exchange for my honest opinion. This review is based on my experience with the product. I am not affiliated with the company and everything in this review is my opinion.


My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children's school.

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Love Organic and Recycled Clothing? Check Out WayClothes @WayClothes


*This is a sponsored post

I am always trying to find new ways to help the environment. Whether it be using green cleaning products, recycling anything and everything I can, or even planting flowers and vegetable plants with my children, any little thing helps. I want to do more though. I have never thought about wearing Organic clothing honestly, but when I found out it is an option I was all for it. Organic clothing can be very expensive though. Spending $50 on a t-shirt just doesn’t sit well with me or my budget. I have found a website that has Organic clothing for the whole family that won’t break the bank. features very affordable blank clothing and accessories at wholesale prices for the whole family. There is even free shipping on all orders. They also offer a large variety of Eco-friendly clothing and accessories as well as Organic apparel.

Why go Organic?

An increasing number of brands recognize the importance in sourcing organic cotton as an alternative to non-organic materials. Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic pesticides, fertilizers and GMO’s that are proven to harm the environment, farmers, producers and the consumer. Pesticides and chemicals can cause health concerns like headaches and nausea to chronic impacts like cancer, reproductive harm, and endocrine disruption. Clothing made of non toxic dyes and are free from chemicals also won’t cause rashes and irritation to you and your family, and also causes fewer allergies and reduces respiratory illness.


WayClothes offers many options for Organic clothing and accessories. Let me show you some of the options.



econscious Ladies’ 4.4 oz., 100% Organic Cotton Classic Short-Sleeve T-Shirt EC3000

Price starts at just $8.50 depending on color choice.





econscious 6.5 oz., 100% Organic Cotton Piqué Polo EC2500

Price starts at just $15.52 depending on color choice.




econscious 4.7 oz. Organic Cotton Canvas Farmer’s Market Bag EC8050

Price starts at just $9.66 depending on color choice. 





econscious 8 oz. Organic Cotton/Recycled Polyester Eco Apron EC6015

Price starts at just $10.48 depending on color choice. 



WayClothes also offers Recycled clothing. Recycled clothing and accessories are a big thing right now. Consumers should not dispose of unwanted textiles or clothing in the garbage because almost 100% of it can be recycled. When we recycle unwanted clothing and textiles, it provides three main benefits: funds charitable programs, reduces solid waste, and provides economic stimulus and employment here and abroad. If you throw away your clothes, it goes to landfills and sits there. Why not reuse instead?


WayClothes offers many options for Recycled clothing and accessories. Let me show you some of the options.







Anvil Organic Ringspun/Recycled Polyester T-Shirt 450

Price starts at just $6.88 depending on color choice. 





econscious Men’s 9 oz. Organic/Recycled Full-Zip Hood EC5650

Price is only $28.66.



econscious Eco Trucker Organic/Recycled Cap EC7070

Price starts at just $5.98 depending on color choice. 

With it is easy to find the styles you love in organic and recycled clothing. With very affordable pricing, you won’t be disappointed. Check out today!


Connect with Wayclothes: Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest


Have you tried Organic or Recycled clothing yet? Let us know in the comments below if you have! 


My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children's school.

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