Magical Fun Day or Night with Playbrites!

Light up fun with Playbrites!



Playbrites are available in six different popular animal varieties. Each come with accessories such as a nose, mouth, ears etc…Think a cooler and light up version of Mr. Potato Head! The accessories easily store inside the animal so everything stays together and your child doesn’t lose any pieces (or Mom doesn’t step on any of the pieces!).  The top of the animal comes off so your child can light up their room or play tent with cool color features! Plus, it comes with a carry handle for easy transport to a friends house, grandma’s house, room to room… possibilities are endless! Retail price on is $19.99 each. They do take 3 AA batteries which are not included.


Here are the cool features of Playbrites!

  • Changes six colors
  • Turns any ceiling into a light show
  • Magical tap light works night or day
  • Playbrites play faces pieces are mix and match
  • Handy travel handle included
  • Pieces store inside body
  • Alleviate fear of the dark
  • Promote restful sleep
  • Long lasting LED lights
  • Automatic shut off



My review:

Let me start out by saying, these are so much fun! My 9 year old daughter and 6 year old son are having a blast with them. At first, when I looked them up quickly, I thought they were to only be used at bedtime. How cool is it to have a light up toy to use at bedtime, but to also play with during the day?! My daughter was thrilled to receive the Unicorn since she is very much obsessed with them at the moment. My son loves dinosaurs, so he was excited to receive the Dino Dragon. After assembly which was super easy, the kids got right to creating their animal with the included parts. They really are adorable! I love how you can mix and match if you have more than one Playbrite. They are available in 6 different animal varieties: Unicorn, Dino Dragon, Bunny, Shark,  Kitty and Puppy.


Just press down on the unit to go through the many bright colors (red, blue, green, pink, orange and white). Turn your child’s room or tent into a magical light show! It was so fun seeing my children’s faces light up with the colors and designs on the wall and ceiling. They come with long lasting LED lights, so I am glad I won’t have to change the batteries every day so my kids can enjoy this. It also automatically shuts off, so you don’t have to worry if your child has left it on when you go out, or when they fall asleep.



In conclusion: I think Playbrites are wonderful for all children. I love how you can play with them during the day, and then have a magical light show at night. They are perfect for children who are afraid of the dark and parents do not need to worry because they have an automatic shut off. These would make the perfect gift for a birthday party and even for the upcoming Easter holiday.


You can purchase Playbrites at:, and in Toys R Us stores. 


*I received two Playbrites in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. 


My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children’s school.

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Brick Loot Subscription Box for Kids that LOVE Legos! Review

Brick Loot is a box subscription company for LEGO and Brick fanatics! Subscribers will receive a monthly box filled with unique, custom and never-before-seen items including Custom LEGO Kits, LEGO Minifigures and more.

Brick Loot boxes are filled with 4-8 items that were hand picked by Brick specialists who scour the world for the newest and coolest products for you to collect. Retail value of $45+.

Invented by a 9 yr old, this box is fun for ages 6 – 99!

Subscription Plans (shipped on the 10th of each month)

1 Month: $27.00 plus $6 shipping.

3 Months: $25.00 plus $6 shipping.

6 Months: $24.95 plus $6 shipping.

Cancel at anytime!

My kids LOVE Legos and building blocks. They cannot get enough. A subscription box is perfect for them, and it will be a surprise to them since they won’t know what is in the box until it arrives! The box we received was all about one of my kids favorite places in Jacksonville, Sweet Pete’s!

Included in this box are the following:

62 piece Cotton Candy Cart designed exclusively for Brick Loot. My kids are loving this little cart and pushing it around!

126 piece Mini City Candy Shop. This set is so cute and reminds my kids so much for the real Sweet Pete’s Candy Shop!



Sweet Pete’s Candy Man Figure and Candy Shop Sweets. These are the perfect addition to the Candy Shop!


Candy Tray the looks like lego pieces! It also includes a special gummy recipe from Sweet Pete’s! My kids are so excited to try this out!


My kids are having a blast with this set. They love how it is themed and have fun incorporating them into the other lego sets they own.

This would make a great gift this holiday season for any Lego fan in your life! Make sure to use the below code for savings!


My readers get to save! Save 12% of Brickloot using code “usfamily12”


*I received a complimentary box for review. All my thoughts are my own. 


My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children’s school.

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You Child will love a letter from Santa from (Review and Giveaway)

If your family celebrates Christmas, there is nothing more exciting to a child then receiving a letter from Santa in the mail. My kids love receiving letters from Santa. Make the Christmas season really special and magical. You can now order a letter and have it sent from “The North Pole” right to your mailbox! Check out Santa’s Letters.

Santa Claus Letter Service

What can bring a child more happiness and delight than a letter personally written to him/her from the big guy himself? For the last few years Santa Claus Letter Service has been providing just that. The joy a child receives while opening a written letter from Santa himself is magical. All our letters include personalized details of your child, including name, possible gift ideas and the city they live in, enabling them to feel the magic that Saint Nick has given all of us at some point in our lives.

All our letters are written by Santa Claus and are not printed. Santa takes great pride in writing each and every letter knowing that it will be reaching somebody very precious and special.


The website is super easy to use and the prices are very affordable. Each letter is personalized for each child. Your letter will be mailed to your child in an attractive envelope with a special North Pole Postmark. It really does look like it is from the north pole! Each envelope also has a Santa’s Official Wax Seal on the back. My kids thought that was super cool!

There are 3 different packages to choose from. I chose the “Rudolph Package” which includes a personalized letter on choice of letterhead on sale for $12.99. There are five different letterhead designs to choose from.  Once you choose, it will prompt you to add certain things about your child such as name, date of birth, gift your child wants to receive, city, and a friend’s name.  There are 5 letters you can then choose from, all with different sayings.

The kids were so excited to open their letters and read what Santa wrote to them. Even better was seeing the gifts they want and each friend’s name on the letters too!

 My readers can get 25% off their order with code:  mommyblog25


We are giving away Santa Packages! To win, please comment below the answer to the following question: “What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?” Winner’s will be chosen on 11/28. U.S. residents only.

*I received two Santa’s Letters in exchange for this review. All thoughts are my own.


My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children’s school.

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Ollies Wooden Blocks Review



Looking for a fun and educational toy for your children or classroom if you are a teacher? Look no further, check out Ollies Blocks!

About Ollies Blocks:

After a successful Kickstarter campaign and a relentless pursuit of excellence at Ollies Wooden Blocks – we’d first off like to thank all you out there who wholeheartedly supported us and our products. Your support meant that we could fulfill a dream, a passion, and much more than that, offer products that we all love.

Meant for generations to come – Ollies Blocks are crafted with a keen sense of family, they are not just meant for that little one who is the center of all your attention but are also meant to create family fun time, and hours of it to look forward to. Each set of blocks is meant to unleash your imagination!

Handmade to perfection, Ollies Blocks are produced and manufactured in our workshop in Northern Israel. A family owned business – we opened our doors to the world in 2016, essentially a company that puts great importance towards craftsmanship. All the parts were carefully designed and put together by hand using only solid oak which as we all know is durable and timeless.

Ollies Blocks are more than just a one off toy purchase but are more like a family heirloom you are able to pass along from one generation to another – cherishing the emotions which go with it as well. We are also in the business of preserving nature, which is exactly why all products are toxic free and organic.


These blocks remind me of Lego’s and Lincoln Logs! I love how they come in their own reusable container. All parts are toxic free, so you don’t have to worry if your little ones put these in their mouth!  The possibilities of what you can build with these are endless. My children love creating their own unique characters and vehicles with these blocks. When I play with my kindergartner with these blocks, we count and go over the colors. They are such a great educational toy!

These blocks would make the perfect holiday gift for any child, or for a teacher for their classroom!

Right now the only set available is the 100 piece set which retails for $119.00. Click here to purchase! 



*I received these blocks in exchange for this review. All thoughts are my own. 



My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children’s school.

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Beautiful Clothing from Agnes and Dora Review and Giveaway


Looking for stylish yet comfortable clothes? You must check out clothing by Agnes & Dora. Lauren Maxwell is an Independent Rep for the company, and has sent me many beautiful pieces of clothing I want to show you and tell you all about.


About Agnes & Dora: 

It has been said that “confidence is the best outfit”. What we wear is a reflection of our personal beliefs and we wear it like a coat of arms. Throughout history, a coat of arms have been worn by a tribe or group of people to intentionally deliver a message. It was worn as a symbol of their identity. Wearing a coat of arms makes a declaration about who we are and what we show the world. We must claim our power and have a conviction of our worth and value within ourselves. Not only are we enough, we are also beautiful, confident, strong, kind, intelligent and more. The world reflects our beliefs back to us according to our own personal coat of arms.

My intention in building Agnes & Dora has been to encourage others to create a better life for themselves. I want to change the way the world sees us by changing the way we see ourselves.

Our Agnes and Dora coat of arms is defined by our mission statement, guiding principles, and vision statement.


Agnes & Dora offers Leggings for women and children, Skirts, Tops, Beautiful Dresses and also Layer pieces at affordable prices. Below are the items I was able to review.


Dolman Tunic Top 

This top retails for $30 and is very comfy and stretchy. It is recommended to size down in this top. It is available in sizes XS-L and comes in a variety of solids and prints.


Essential Tank


This is the perfect Tank for warm weather and to layer. It is very comfy and washes very well. It is available in sizes XS-XXXL and comes in a variety of solids and prints. This top retails for $28.

Fisher Dress


This dress is stunning! This is the perfect little dress to wear to work, holiday parties, a night out…pretty much anything goes with this dress. So stylish and comfy, and comes in different solids and prints. This dress retails for $58.

Washing instructions are on each tag, all are machine washable with hang to dry.

If you are interested in Agnes & Dora clothing, please contact Lauren Maxwell to see what she has in her current inventory to purchase! Links are below!

Lauren’s website 

Join Lauren’s Facebook Group


Lauren will be giving 1 pair of Leggings to a lucky reader! Please join her Facebook group and comment here with your Facebook name so you can be entered! Giveaway ends on 11/30. U.S. residents only.

*I received the mentioned clothing in exchange for my honest opinion. 


My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children’s school.

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