Your Kids will have a Blast with Spitzy the Club Petz Llama!


Meet Spitzy the Club Petz Llama!! 

Only available at Target, meet Spitzy the Club Petz Llama!! Spitzy is an adorable plush llama that loves to make your little ones laugh and smile. Spizty comes with batteries and is ready to play with right out of the box! Spizty makes the funniest chewing and burping sounds, along with spitting water! My kids think Spitzy is hilarious!



  • Club Petz Spitzy is a funny (and hungry!) Llama
  • He makes lots of noise when he chews. He is always burping and if you press his leg will even spit at you
  • Spitzy is such an odd but cute Llama!
  • You won’t stop laughing with Spitzy!
Club Petz Spitzy the funny Llama is always hungry and makes lots of noise when he chews! He is always burping and if you press his leg, he will spit at you! Uh oh! His jaw just became dislocated while eating. Spitzy is such an odd but very cute Llama. You won’t stop laughing with him!
Number of Pieces: 1
Dimensions (Overall): 26.45 inches (L) x 8.74 inches (W) x 2.7 inches (H)
Suggested Age: 18 Months and Up
Weight: 2 pounds

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Spitzy would make an amazing holiday gift!
Spitzy is only available at Target stores and Target online. Retail cost is $24.99.
*I received this product in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.



My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children's school.

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Your Child will have a blast this Summer on the Globber Primo 3-Wheel Scooter!

Check out the fun Globber Primo 3-Wheel Scooter! 


Kids are all about Scooters these days! With so many brands and types available, how do you know which one if the best for your toddler/preschool aged child? I had the opportunity to check out the new Globber Primo 3-Wheel Scooter, and I will let you know why this one has my vote!


About the Primo Scooter:

The Globber Primo 3-Wheel is the perfect scooter that’ll grow with your child. With a modifiable design, low deck for stability, and adjustable handlebars, your little one will be scooting along in no time!

Offering a range of patented innovations without compromising on style or functionality, the Primo 3-Wheel is guaranteed to deliver ultimate value for money!

Make sure to check out the patented secure Direction Button Lock which keeps the scooter moving in a straight line to help your child learn balance and gain confidence while riding! Reinforced body supports up to 50kg. Available in colors: Red, Dark Blue, Pink, Green, and Light Blue.

MSRP: $99.99

Age: 2-6 years

Available: Toys “R” Us, Canadian Tire, Indigo, Mastermind, Amazon


This scooter is perfect for a child that is around the ages of 2-6. You can even push to  age 7 since my 7-year old son fits on it well. I love 3-wheel scooters because getting the act of balancing is easier on this type of scooter. Plus, very little chance of falling while learning to use it. It also teaches your child to lean on the side they wish to turn. This scooter comes in a variety of colors for any girl or boy! I was sent a red scooter to review, and I love the bright color of it.

One really cool feature of this scooter is that it has a Direction Button Lock. You can use this lock so the scooter stays straight so your child can learn to balance easier. It also has easy adjustable handle bars so this is the perfect scooter to grow with your child, and will last many years.

The scooter is made very well, it is not flimsy or cheap feeling. It is very solid. This scooter also has a heel brake that is very easy for the child to use and to stop the scooter.



There are so many pros to this scooter. The ones that make this scooter an A+ for me is the sturdiness of the scooter, ease of use for the child, direction button lock and adjustable handle bars. I love that it can grow with the child and be used for many years. Check out this fun scooter today!!


*I received this Scooter in exchange for this review. All thoughts are my own.


My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children's school.

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Treat the Man in your Life to an Amazing Gift Basket from

Are you trying to figure out what to get someone who has everything? Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and I was at a loss on what to get my husband who has everything! My kids always make or buy him something that is specifically from them…but I also like to get him a gift to let him know how much of a wonderful husband and father he is. I was contacted by a company called and I was excited to see what they have to offer as gifts for men that have everything.

About Bro Basket: 

The BroBasket offers awesome gift baskets for guys!  Most of our unique gift baskets are completely customizable and feature their favorite beer, wine or spirits.


I must tell you, I was completely overwhelmed when I viewed their website. In a good way that is. So many awesome baskets to choose from. Whether the man in your life likes beer, vodka, whiskey, gin….there is something he will definitely love.


My husband loves trying different types of beer. When I viewed “The Ultimate Beer Gift for Men-Beer Lovers Gift Basket”, I knew it would be a big hit.



Because what man doesn’t LOVE a BIG tub of their favorite beers. 

The Craft Beer:

Three Variety Packs of Four Craft Beers from Three separate breweries = A selection of 12 awesome craft beers!

Our craft beer experts choose what beers come in this to truly make it Ultimate!
So if they don’t like IPA’s, only like IPA’s, or don’t even know what an IPA is…
Not a problem!
If you know the styles of beers they like, just ask us to put those in at checkout, OR get them exactly what they want with our
Customize Your Own BroBasket. 

The Goods:

1 – Large Metal Tub
1 – BroBasket Bottle Opener
1 – BroBasket Pint Glass (16oz)
1 – Popcornopolis Gourmet Flavored Popcorn

The Freebies:

2 – BroBasket Coozies
1 – Greeting Card with your special message on it.



This basket has everything in it you could possibly want! I was super impressed when I received it. It was packaged so nicely. I love how you can also customize it, my husband really loves IPA beer, so knowing I could add a variety of them to this basket was pretty awesome. The bottles were wrapped so they don’t break during shipping, everything was nice and secure. I experienced no issues when I took the basket out of the shipping box and looked it over.

Checkout process is easy, an adult needs to accept delivery and that adds $2.95 to the price. Shipping is very pricey I must say. If you want a Saturday delivery, you will be charged an extra $9.95 fee on top of the shipping fee.  You can pick your delivery date which I think is great. Most weekday dates I checked was about $28 to ship this basket. If you are a last-minute shopper and need the basket within a few days, expect to pay a lot more for shipping.

I decided to surprise my husband with this basket early, just because I was so excited to give it to him. He was thrilled and very happy! He was looking forward to trying all of the different beers. He especially loves the glass that came with it, along with the bottle opener. Bro Basket provides everything you need.

If you do not want to order a basket that contains alcohol, they have other options such as a protein basket and snacks basket. You can also customize your own the way you would like.


I think this is a really cool idea for gifts to get a man who you cannot think of what to get! There are tons of options to choose from, and the customer service and website ordering that I experienced were fantastic. You will not be disappointed!

One of these baskets would make a great gift for holidays such as: Birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas etc…


To order click here: The Bro Basket


*I received this product in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 



My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children's school.

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Groove Silicone Rings Review




Do you have an occupation that will not allow you to wear metal type jewelry? Gold/metal wedding bands can cause harm in certain job fields. Or if you lead an active lifestyle…you need to check out Groove Life Silicone Rings they are amazing!





We get it. Wearing your hard metal ring on the job or at the gym is uncomfortable. More importantly, you run the risk of losing your finger if your ring is caught on something. We made Groove to solve these problems so that you can push your limits, achieve your goals, and live life with a little less worry. Groove On!



Groove offers different types of rings for men and women. They offer designs and colors that everyone will love. I was sent the following:

Groove Thin Silicone Ring in Copper color

Women’s Stackable Silicone Wedding Ring-Air in Mint/White colors

Stackable Women’s Air Twilight Patterned Wedding Rings

I was very impressed by the quality and feel of these rings. Each set is super light, you forget you are even wearing them! I lead an active lifestyle with my children, so I did wear these rings swimming, playing soccer and doing lots and lots of walking at a local theme park. They were perfect to wear while exercising in the Florida heat. They were super comfortable to have on, and very breathable. I love all of the available colors and patterns….my favorite is the mint/white combination. It matches my apple watch band perfectly.




How will you know what size to order? Check out this great sizing guide to help you with your measurements. The rings are designed to fit snug, even if you are certain of your ring size, please re-measure using their guide. Groove also offers an easy exchange policy just in case your rings do not fit. You can also try 3 different rings out for 5 days (only $1.99 shipping, and return shipping is free). Groove makes it super easy and convenient. I ordered a size 5 which is what I wear in my normal rings, and the Groove rings fit perfectly.


Warranty Details:

Groove offers an AMAZING warranty for the rings!


Groove silicone rings are tough, durable and ready to endure anything. However, for your safety, Groove is designed to stretch or tear under pressure so you lose a ring; not a finger. No matter what happens, we will cover your Groove Ring with our NO BS Warranty! If your ring gets damaged, cut, stretched, stuck in nuclear waste, eaten by a fish, or even LOST we will replace it. Our mission is to blow your mind and we’ll go above and beyond to make you happy!

Did you know our No BS Warranty applies to all Groove Adventure Gear too? If your gear gets torn, stretched out, or even LOST we’ll replace it. That’s Groove… we’re not like other companies!


In conclusion, if you lead an active lifestyle, work in an industry where you cannot wear metal type jewelry, or just want to be more fashionable…I highly recommend Groove Life Rings. They are extremely comfortable and look amazing!!

Check out the website to order and for more information:

*I received the mention rings in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. 


My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children's school.

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide


It’s that time of year! Full steam ahead to the holidays! I’ve put together a collection of some of my favorite gifts for the holiday season. Check out all of these awesome gift ideas that your friends and family will surely love!



Gifts For You Now 








If you are looking for a unique personalized gift, you must check out all of the holiday gifts from They offer a variety of gifts including personalized ornaments, picture frames, T-shirts, pillows, flags, stockings and much more! I have many of their items and the quality is great, and the shipping is fast. Prices vary.



RoosterFin Games












Board games are always a hit at the holidays. RoosterFin Games offers many educational and fun family games that you cannot find in stores. My family and I enjoy these games for our weekly game night! Plus the site always offers free shipping. Prices vary. Use Code: MOMHASTOWORK for 25% off any purchase! First come first serve, expiration is 12/22/18. Link to auto add code to cart:



Lauren Conrad Jewelry 



If you are in need of a jewelry gift that won’t break the bank, I suggest Lauren Conrad’s Jewelry Collection from Kohl’s. I love her jewelry, so classy at affordable prices. Plus, you get Kohl’s cash with each purchase! Prices vary. 













If you are looking for naturally safe and environmentally friendly dental hygiene products, look no further! Oxyfresh offers a Mouthwash and Toothpaste that are safe and free of harmful chemicals, dyes and harsh alcohol. Plus, the products taste great and don’t irritate my gums like most toothpastes and mouth wash does. They also offer wellness products for the whole family, and also pet products! $14.95 for the mouthwash and $14.95 for the toothpaste. 














Bullsitoy offers many fun children’s items to stuff those stockings with! My favorites are the Squee-Zoo-Balls which are super soft and plush and come in a variety of cute animals, Squish Ums! Yummy Series 2 which are fun blind bags containing scented snack squishy type toys, and Goo Lab which is putty that glows in the dark and does not leave behind a sticky mess! These toys can be found at Target locations. 




Kids always want candy in their stockings for the holidays! Check out the cool candy collection from Radz! Radz Twistz are a perfect holiday treat that come in cute holiday packaging and features exclusive holiday flavors. Radz Foamz come in a variety of characters (Unicorns, Emojis, DC Superheros) and they are not only blind bags, but each one is squishy and include candy! So fun! Prices range from $2.49-$4.99 and can be found at various retailers such as Target and Walmart. 



Cry Babies Doll

Have a little one that loves baby dolls? Cry Babies are so fun! It cries when you take out the pacifier, BUT it also cries tears!! Perfect for any one that loves to play with dolls. 5 different style dolls to choose from! You can find this doll at Amazon for $29.99.

Gift Baskets for Men

Jerky Gift Boxes



Whether you are shopping for a child or adult, they are sure to love any of these gifts!

Happy Holidays!!


*I received some of the above items to review for the Holiday Gift Guide. All opinions are my own. 















My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children's school.

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