Give the Gift of Wine


I enjoy a glass of red wine once and a while. Not really enough to buy a bottle though. They usually go bad after a couple glasses. But… I know a lot of friends and family that drink wine. Plus, wine is supposed to be good for you in moderation, right?


Sending a bottle of wine or a wine gift basket would make a lovely gift for Christmas! I know my mom and dad would love a bottle. As would my doctors I work for. We do a gift exchange at work every year. We all put our names in a “hat” and then buy a gift for the person we choose. We all kinda dread getting one of the doctors, because they are hard to buy for. For the last few years, whoever draws one of them, gets a bottle of wine. They both drink nice wines and it’s so easy. I mean what do you get a doctor? Wine or a tie?


I just found a great site,, where you can send a bottle of wine as a gift. You can order several bottle for yourself, or they have lovely wine gift baskets. Plus they have a money back guarantee! A win win! I think I may order a few bottles for my parents! Check out wine’s history, amazing!


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  1. Great gift idea!

  2. Very nice idea — I’m a red wine girl too.

  3. In German we wanted to send wine home and couldn’t

  4. Nice!

  5. I don’t drink wine and not many people I know do, but it sounds like it would be a great gift for those that do.

  6. I love giving wine as a gift, and its something people usually enjoy.