White Cloud Luxuriously Soft Bath Tissue

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of White Cloud for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m a big user of toilet paper. I admit it. I have an addiction. One year I got a case for Christmas as a funny gift. I have a favorite and use a lot of it.

Until recently I never tried the White Cloud brand of toilet paper. I was sent a sample of the new White Cloud Luxuriously Soft Bath Tissue to try and wow, is it soft!

New White Cloud Luxuriously Soft Bath Tissue is made using an innovative manufacturing technology called “TAD.” TAD, or “Through Air Dried,” is super-premium technology in the bath tissue world. It uses a special machine to blow air through single-ply sheets, creating a two-ply product with amazing thickness, softness, strength and absorption.

My daughter was so excited! She couldn’t believe how soft and thick it was. She loved the clouds printed on the paper. What I like is that it feels like a premium bast tissue without having to pay a premium price. It’s priced just like my old brand. The only problem, or maybe not so much as a problem, but it’s sold exclusively at Walmart. Find White Cloud products near you.

I always see coupons for White Cloud and right now the White Cloud Facebook page will have a coupon up for this new product starting on June 10. Make sure to visit and Like White Cloud on Facebook and get your $1.00 off coupon! Also Follow White Cloud on Twitter.


I was asked to make a video after trying White Cloud for a week. Above is an interview I did with my five year old daughter.

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  1. I love their toilet papers. it’s so soft! Thanks for the coupon!

  2. I just bought some White Cloud!

  3. I have tried this brand before and it really is so soft.

  4. I really like White Cloud. Wish I could find it at more places than just Wal-Mart.

  5. Thick is important when you are wiping toddler butt. TMI I know. 🙂

  6. White Cloud is a great brand of toilet paper.

  7. Soft and thick is always important!

  8. I switched to using their tissues but have never tried their toilet paper.

  9. I’ve never tried this bath tissue. Will keep an eye out for it

  10. Softness and thickness is very important to our family when choosing a toilet paper!

  11. I haven’t tried this brand, but I’ll look for it this afternoon when I run errands since we are running low.

  12. I buy White Cloud products all the time at Walmart. Such a good value!

  13. It’s good that their toilet paper is high quality yet affordable. I can’t use this brand though since I’m allergic.

  14. I have actually never tried this brand of toilet paper! I will have to look for it next time.

  15. it is good quality

    also your daughter did great, she’s a CUTIE!

  16. There is always the debate between soft or thick – I say both!! Glad to know White Cloud has both!

  17. Aww, your daughter is the cutest! Love that there are clouds on the TP, that is neato! The rolls look absolutely HUGE too that is always a big plus!

  18. Good toilet paper is important to me and my family. But a great price is just as important.

  19. haha addicted to toilet paper!! Well I certainly couldn’t live without it and there is nothing worse than crappy toilet paper. (hahaha I just realized what I wrote!). So It’s good to know White Cloud is soft and luxurious! I haven’t tried it yet but now I think I will!

  20. This is such a great brand. I bought it once because it was cheap and have bought it again because I like it.

  21. We really like the White Cloud brand in our home, too… your video was too cute…thanks for sharing and the coupon is ALWAYS a welcome addition…

  22. I think this toilet paper is sooo soft! We use this brand too!

  23. The kids love soft! White Cloud has definitely made an appearance in our home quite a number of times!

  24. I really like the brand. I didn’t use to but it’s improved and it’s much softer and more comfy!

  25. I haven’t used their bath tissue but I know it’s a great deal so maybe I’ll pick some up!

  26. Im pretty sure i have tried their bath tissue before but i dont remember. I will have to try it out again next time i go to purchase some.