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Valentine's Day Cards


Valentine’s Day is coming up fast and that means you need to get a move on for all those cute crafts you want to make and get your personalized cards ordered.
For Valentine’s Day I used to just give the kids a small box of chocolates and help them create their Valentine’s for their classmates. But this year I’m getting them a gift instead of chocolates. They get so much candy from school and we already have it in the house I’d prefer to get them a special gift instead.

I’m one of those people who like to make their own card either by hand of through a personalized website like I think it makes it so much nicer to have my child’s name written on the card like it was made just for them! ( well it was!)

I’m not a super sappy card writer so I like simple and sweet or cute and funny. I was given the opportunity to create a card for my husband and one of my children. I chose my son, Hunter.

Valentine's Day card for child

But… if you want to write a heartfelt card and don’t know what to say you can get some ideas from Joseph Joyce, Creative Director for He has some great tips for writing heartfelt cards. Click here to read them.  Have you ever brought your significant other to tears with a loving card? I haven’t…This year Cardstore reminds us that ‘It’s Okay To Cry’ and embrace the emotions and sentiment from our loved ones.

So back to my card making at! I created two cards. It was very easy to create. There are tabs to choose a Valentine’s Day Card for children, then a boy or girl to help narrow the search. Adding the personalization was again very easy to do. You can use the color they suggest or change it if you prefer. Then once you are done, just add the card to the cart. Before it lets you proceed you must approve every side of the card to make sure it’s exactly as you want it to be. You can have mail the card to your special someone or you can have it mailed to you and then you can address it. My card came quite quickly with extra envelopes in case I mess up! My favorite part of the process? It was super easy!

Valentine's Day Card for Spouse


It’s not too late to get your card for Valentine’s Day! Just log on to and get started. Orders must be placed by February 6th in order to arrive by Valentine’s Day!

 What do you do special for Valentine’s Day?


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  1. I always tend to lean toward humor over mushy cards.

  2. I love to spoil the kids on Valentine’s Day and a personalized card for each of them would be really fun!

  3. Nothing special here but I can think of all kinds of applications for this service!

  4. We don’t do a lot. We might make Valentine’s Day cookies or have a tea party. We usually make homemade cards.

  5. I love the doodle look of the cards, and it’s so nice how fast they can have them ready!

  6. I adore personalized cards… to give and to receive!

  7. This year I created personalized cards, I definitely prefer them over store bought!

  8. These are cute & customizing makes the recipients feel more appreciated.

  9. This is a great idea to do with the kids. I love how you can customize the cards! This will be so much better than the cookie cutter cards you can buy at the store. I’ll definitely check out for this year’s Valentine’s Day cards.

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  11. I love personalized cards. I love them especially when they look unique like these.

  12. Personalized cards are the best! Makes a card extra special.

  13. I love personal cards. They are better than store bought every time.

  14. I think it is great that you can really make these one of a kind. So much better than something you would pick up at the store.

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