All About That Chocolate!

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Valentine’s Day will be here soon and chocolate is a very popular present. I think most everyone likes it. I know I do! I wanted to find some fun, delicious and maybe a little healthy chocolate recipes for you. Okay there’s one or two that are not healthy at all but I couldn’t resist. I mean bacon brownies?! Sounds delicious!

What is your favorite chocolate treat?


Check out Forget the Bass, What About All That Chocolate!

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  1. Oh, those Apple nachos with peanut butter and chocolate look amazing! We actually have most of the ingredients so we should try them soon!

  2. Chocolate covered pretzels are my fav! I love to do the rods too!

  3. Those chocolate dipped Strawberry pops are adorable! I have to say that I enjoy most anything with chocolate in it, but lava cakes are some of my favorite. Those bacon brownies do look good…

  4. Great round up! i think I want to try the pretzels they look like a lot of fun and super easy.

  5. That sweet & salty combination is my favorite, but those strawberry pops look luscious too!

  6. Everything looks good, especially the fruit and chocolate popsicles!

  7. Those pretzels look absolutely amazing! I’ll definitely be making those for V-Day!

  8. These all look great I can’t decide which one looks the best. I prefer desserts with a little chocolate mixed with all other kinds of goodies.

  9. Chocolate and pretzels together are so good! And that bacon brownie… everything is better with bacon!

  10. Totally yummy, I love everything chocolate!

  11. What a great collection of chocolate recipes. They all look so delish!

  12. Both of those dipped pretzels are calling my name. That’s totally my thing!

  13. Send samples of each my way! These all look so incredible!

  14. Those pretzels look adorable. So simple and effective 🙂 ! Thank you for the inspiration!

  15. So many wonderful chocolate recipes!

  16. Lisa Brown says

    i love chocolate period, eat too much of it 🙂

  17. Add chocolate to anything and it becomes an awesome treat.