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My 7 year old daughter loves Princesses. She loves to watch princess movies, and especially dress up like them. Her all time favorite movie is Frozen. When I was asked to review the new movie The Snow Queen: Magic of the Ice Mirror, I knew she would love to watch it.

This movie is the sequel to the fable by Hans Christian Anderson. The first movie is called Snow Queen.

After celebrating their victory over the Snow Queen, Gerda and Orm have given their fellow trolls a taste of freedom. But when Orm gets a cold-hard reality check, they slip into another perilous journey and must protect the world from eternal winter.


I enjoyed watching this movie with my daughter, lots of parts kept us in suspense and wanting more. The troll telling the story was funny and kept us laughing.  My daughter loved Snow Queen and said it reminded her of the movie Frozen, just a bit different. Some parts are a bit scary for real young children in my opinion, but my 7 year old did really enjoy it.

This movie will be available on digital copy via iTunes (@iTunesMovies) on November 3rd. Click here to purchase your digital copy! 

It will be great for when kids are on long car rides, airplane rides, or just out and about with parents.

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  1. Austin Baroudi says

    I’d like to win!

    • Hello Austin, Thank you for entering our giveaway, you won a digital copy! I will be forwarding your information along so you can receive your copy. Thanks!!