Garage Sales

Who doesn’t love garage sales? I know I do(so does my family). In today’s economy, garage sales are an ideal way to buy things we need and want at a great price!

All through the last baseball season, my son had been wanting a catcher’s helmet and chest guard, but we could not afford it and it wasn’t something he had to have for baseball. In May, while out and about looking for garage sales we found a helmet and chest guard for only $5.00!! It looked almost new! My son was so excited and he even bought it himself, which he was very proud of.

Of course having a garage sale of your own is great too. We had one recently and made $150.00. It’s a great way to clean out your house, while making some extra money.
I just recently found a website that will track garage sales by typing in your zip code, or you can advertise your own sale. Check it out at or click on the above box.
Let me know how you do!!


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  1. The Queen of Fifty Cents says:

    What a great lesson to teach your son–that with some patience he could buy his heart's desire himself without stepping foot in a mall!