Five Tricks and Tips to Getting Your Kids to Bed on Time and Staying There.

Do you have trouble getting your kids to bed on time? I do.

Here are some tips that he;p us, maybe they will help you.

1. Taking a bath or shower. – I know sometimes, they’re not “dirty” and what’s one night of no shower.( my son begs to not take one) But the warmth and routine of bath time always helps to wind them down.
2. Have a snack. My kids love to have a snack before bed. Again, part of the routine.
3. Brushing teeth.
4. Make sure your calm. If you’re running around and cleaning, your kids will not want to wind down.
5. Snuggle and read a book. I try to read a book and/or snuggle just before bed.

I usually don’t have a problem with my kids getting up after bedtime.

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