Boogie Wipes Review and Giveaway

Okay, I know this isn’t very eco-friendly. But I thought it was kinda neat.

Boogie Wipes are made with saline to dissolve boogies (mucus) caused by the common cold, allergies or otherwise booger-filled kid moments. Extra soft and scented in Great Grape, Fresh Scent or Magic Menthol (for extra stuffy noses) Boogie Wipes are recommended by Pediatricians as a gentle, effective alternative to a dry tissue.

How are Boogie Wipes different than a regular baby wipe? They are made with Natural Saline to Dissolve Mucus. Not like a paper tissue that just wipes it away.

Some great reason to try Boogie Wipes:

Alcohol Free
Moisturize with Vitamin E, Aloe and Chamomile
Fun Scents Kids Love
Gentle Enough for All Ages
Phthalate & Paraben Free

From the website:
Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about Boogie Wipes. We are entrepreneur Moms at heart, always looking for new ways to help support our families while staying involved and present in our kids daily lives. It was that desire that led us to the idea of a Boogie Wipe. We invented Boogie Wipes in 2007 as a solution to our kids’ runny, red noses. After trying to use saline spray, bulb syringes and regular dry tissue, we became certain there had to be a better way to soothe our kids stuffy noses. Months of market research resulted in an answer as plain as the nose on our face – a saline-infused moist wipe that comforts chapped, sore noses while dissolving mucus. After an extensive development and manufacturing process, and keeping our noses to the grindstone, we shipped our first order of Boogie Wipes in December, 2007. Since then, Boogie Wipes has found the smell of sweet success selling in 30,000 retail stores nationwide. We are thrilled our innovative idea helps parents and kids boogie through colds and allergies without missing a beat!

Want to win 3 packs of Boogie Wipes, one each scent, to try for yourself? Visit Boogie Wipes and tell me about it.

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I'm a mother of 2 who likes to get involved in too much! Besides writing here I started a non-profit, I'm on the PTO board, very active in my community and volunteer in the school. I enjoy music, reading, cooking, traveling and spending time with my family. We just adopted our 3rd cat and love them all!

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  1. Mom on the Run says:

    I found out that I can purchase these at my local Walgreens. This is a great product for cold and flu season.

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    I am a follower!

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    I have a button.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I learned that they've advertised in 9 different magazines – including Parents & BabyTalk. I can't believe I haven't seen these before!! Guess I don't pay as much attention as I thought!
    Thanks! Kelly –

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  8. Boogie Wipes are recommended by Pediatricians as a gentle, effective alternative to a dry tissue.

  9. Subscriber!

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  11. Love that it was started by two moms and made with Natural Saline to Dissolve Mucus (I've tried the Magic Menthol help to open ya up but isn't overpowering)

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    I learned they advertised in several mag's, 9 to be exact. Jenprincess88 at aol dot com

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  20. Anonymous says:

    'snot your average wipe! 🙂

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  21. Coupon Teacher says:

    Boogie Wipes are made with saline to dissolve boogies caused by the common cold, allergies or otherwise booger-filled kid moments.

  22. It was started by two moms.

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  29. Jennifer T. says:

    I learned that they're recommended by pediatricians.

  30. Sounds like an interesting product. Looking at the stores that carry them I'm surprised I haven't noticed them on the shelf. I'm going to look next time I'm shopping.

  31. Jennifer T. says:

    I follow through Google Friend Connect.

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  33. rubynreba says:

    I like the fact that they dissolve mucus

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  36. love that the wipes are alcohol free

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  42. You know what, I have to tell this to my friend, because she always complains and having a hard time cleaning her daughter's nose.

  43. I signed up for their newsletter and to get a coupon so I can go and try to find them in a store near me.

    It would be so much easier to wipe my kids boogies with a scented wipe like grape.

  44. wet wipes says:

    Pretty nice post. I just came across your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really liked reading your posts. Anyway I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you post again soon!

  45. Traci Fritz says:

    I love that this product was developed by a couple of moms!

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  55. wow…never heard of them until now. I read on the site that they are recommended by baby doctors and are safe to use.

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  62. I like that if you join the boogie bunch you get a dollar off coupon.

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  64. Tylerpants says:

    I like that you can warm up Boogie Wipes to bring out the soothing sensation of the saline and aloe! tylerpants(at)

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  67. I learned you can join The Boogie Bunch and get a coupon for $1 off Boogie Wipes!

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  70. Hobo Mama says:

    Here's a good tip for how to use the wipes: Make sure to say “Time for a Boogie Wipe” with your kids when you are using them – dance (boogie) and smile when going in for your kids boogies. They are not used to this job feeling so good and being fun but once they know Boogie Wipes are in the house, they will be running to you for a clean-up instead of you running after them! Love it!

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  77. Sue Sweeps says:

    I could sooo use Boogie Wipes here this week, as the boogie monster is here! Found out from the website that I can get them at Pathmark.

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  82. Anonymous says:

    Great idea, but I wish it had a more eco-friendly packaging.

  83. shopannies says:

    love that they have no alcohol

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  86. hollowsins says:

    I love the diaper cake and the scents for the wipes are original.I think I would like grape the best

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