Shred 5 Fast Review

In January I finally made it down to my pre-pregnancy weight – 2 years later! I was so happy. My next goal was to lose 10 lbs by August for my 20 year high school reunion. Then we went on vacation and I gained weight. I’ve been totally frustrated!!

I’ve been eating okay and I exercise when I can. So there’s my problem – I need to set aside time to exercise. Work, kids, home, blog – who has time? I’m going to make time!!
There is a new workout DVD called Shred 5 Fast, put out by Moms Into Fitness. I was able to review a copy. I’ve tried other workout tapes, or DVDs and have a few favorites. The girls I work with also use them and sometimes we trade.
My workout – You can always tell how good a DVD was by how you feel the next day. My thighs were a little sore, so I guess that’s good. I always like to feel some soreness the next day. Weird I know. The workout has some fast moves throughout and I’m not super fond of those. There was different types of exercise all rolled into one workout, such as kickboxing, plies, aerobic type leg pulls, and constant core engagement

My co-worker took home the DVD to try out as well. She’s our expert. She has every workout DVD out there. Here’s her review: The workout covered all the areas, thighs, arms, abs, everything needed for a great workout. She said the moves were a little slow for her. ( wow – and I thought they were too fast, lol) She said the workout was good and she would recommend it.
So – two differing opinions about the intensity, but overall we both liked it. The DVD contains 2 30 minute workouts, so you not just doing the same routine. I will add this to my collection and get moving!!

You can get a 20% discount – just enter the code DVD20. Go to the Moms Into Fitness website and you can order directly through them. The price is $15.99 before the discount.

Get your body back with Moms Into Fitness DVDs! Learn how to fire your core from the inside-out to create a flat stomach again.

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Per new laws, when you do your review, you must disclose that “This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by: Moms Into Fitness for this review.”


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