Christmas Traditions – Part 2

Christmas Traditions Part 2

I spoke a few weeks ago of some of my family’s traditions and would like to share a few more.

Christmas dessert – Cream de menthe.

This is another tradition that dates back to my mom’s family. I don’t recall a Christmas with out them. And even though not everyone likes them, I’m told I need to make them, it’s tradition!
Take parfaits glass (or any will do) add a little mint, then a scoop of ice cream, mint, ice cream, until you reach the top. Add some whipped cream and a cherry. You then freeze them. I usually make mine the day of, but you can make them up ahead of time. The menthe can be bought in non-alcohol form as well.

Another favorite is hiding a present. My mom did this for as long as I can remember. Take 1 or 2 presents and hide them on Christmas Eve. Write out 2 notes per present. The notes will be hints as to where the present is. I place the first note on the tree or you can even place it in the stocking. The first note will take them to the second note and the second note will take them to the present. As the kids get older the notes get harder.

Another favorite is open a gift up on Christmas Eve. I’ve always done this and will carry on the tradition with my children. Every Christmas Eve we choose a gift under the tree open. Usually it’s a pair of Pjs or a small gift from friends or relatives who are not in town. They always look forward to this one!

So what are your holiday traditions?


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    Those desserts look so good!

  2. I found you on the blog hop and am following now too. Your dessert looks great. After trimming the tree, we usually have hot cocoa and use candy canes as stir sticks.

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