Do I Really Need a Desk?

I talked before about how I need a new desk. I still do, I guess. I’ve been looking and found some cool desks on at

The Bush Collection has some really cool desks. The Bush computer desks are more of what I’m looking at right now. The computer desks are smaller. I really don’t need all the drawers. I have a large file cabinet that we bought a few years ago. I love that thing! it’s great to put all my important papers in, as well as some of the kids papers. It’s huge!

I’m really torn about the whole desk thing. Since I got my laptop, I never sit at the desk except to use the printer. We are planning on buying a wireless printer, so I won’t even need to sit at it then!

So what’s a girl to do! I could just get a simple plain desk. I have one of those in my room. I wanted to get a desk to put in Hunter’s room, but there doesn’t seem to be much room. Plus Hunter usually does his homework at the kitchen table. It’s easier to help him, when he works there.


So – do any of you have any advice? Are you a laptop user? If so, do you really sit at a desk? I know for me, it’s so easy to sit at the table or the living room, while the family is watching TV.


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  1. Finding a desk is so hard! We have an really old one, but I’ve been looking for over a year for the perfect desk. I love the Bedford Corner desk at Pottery Barn, just haven’t bit the bullet and spent that much money!

  2. I am a teenage girl and I realized that I never use my desk! I think I am going to get rid of it for more room. Is this crazy? Because it seems like everyone has a desk but I simply don’t use mine. I do homework other places and I have a printer on it that I think can put somewhere else………… Sorry just kind of thinking out loud here. 🙂 Good luck.