I Want To Be An Extreme Couponer!

I would love to save tons of money and get all that stuff for next to nothing! Well, not really all of it. But I would love to get some toilet paper and laundry soap for free! And maybe some toothpaste.

I just got done watching all of The Extreme Couponer shows I had Tivo’d. WOW! It’s amazing what can gotten with coupons! I use them, I do, as much as  I can. I just don’t have to time to put into like the show, plus my stores do not double coupons and I can’t see buying iems we will not eat, unless it was free and easy.

I did go around the neighborhood tonight with the family and looked through recycling bins to get a $5 off $30 Publix coupon. I found 2!!

PS – My Hubby found 4 more!


I guess I won’t be an extreme couponer for now, but if you have an ideas on how to get tp, shampoo and laundry soap for free – please let me know!!


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  1. It does take a ton of work! But Beauty products are what I save the most on with coupons! I like how http://kingdomfirstmom.com/2011/06/rite-aid-5-00-challenge-week-of-june-5.html does the $5.00 challenge. Always free products at drugstores!

  2. I love that show!!! I wish I could save 99.9% on my groceries 🙂 new follower!

  3. I would love to that as well, but I must admit I don’t think I really have the time. I have used coupons when I can, but not to such of an extreme as on extreme couponing. I think I might have to take baby steps…beginner…intermediate….then EXTREME!!! Thanks for sharing!! =D

  4. I just realized that your feed hasn’t switched yet. I was thinking you hadn’t posted yet, but I forgot it takes a couple days!

    I don’t have any of the patience required to do a lot of couponing!

  5. I am too lazy to do coupons but I know that I should! 🙂

  6. Good for you! I can’t believe people toss those $5 off coupons. I’m not very good at couponing but I do use them occasionally.

  7. I like to watch the show for the entertainment value of it, but there’s lots of things they do that most people can’t. (ie., stacking coupons and doubling coupons). I usually use my coupons around the same time the item is on sale so I can get it even cheaper.

  8. Coupons are great! :]