How to Go Green with Remanufactured Ink and Toner

How to Go Green With Remanufactured Ink and Toner

The “Going Green” concept has really taken off, and all types of individuals and businesses are playing their part. Nearly everyone is aware of the benefits of recycling plastic and glass bottles, paper products, and aluminum cans. An additional useful method to help decrease waste, conserve resources, and essentially “Go Green” is using recycled printer ink and toner.
Original vs. Remanufactured Supplies
When individuals purchase ink and toner directly from manufacturers, the products are original items that can be very expensive, and in no time the cost of ink adds up to more than the cost of the printer! Remanufactured supplies save consumers a great deal of money while protecting the environment from harmful toxins at the same time. Various types of ink cartridges can be remanufactured.
How Ink and Toner are Remanufactured
The remanufacturing process is an uncomplicated process that yields a great green influence. The steps to the remanufacturing practice:
Step 1:An empty ink or toner cartridge is sent to a factory to be taken apart and examined.
Step 2:
The cartridge is thoroughly cleaned and any faulty components are replaced.
Step 3:
The cartridge is filled with new printer ink or toner.
Step 4:
The cartridge is tested to ensure efficient function and compatibility with brand name printers.
Reasons to Select Remanufactured Products
Remanufactured ink and toner offer a variety of advantages to eco-friendly consumers and businesses.
Most likely, the most influential aspect is saving money. Buying remanufactured ink and toner can save consumers a considerable amount of money on a yearly basis. Remanufactured products can cost up to 60% less than new original supplies.
Helping the Environment
With remanufactured products, printing can be transformed from environmentally unsafe to eco-friendly. Every year, millions of individuals throw away their empty ink and toner cartridges, which eventually ends up in a landfill and increases pollution to the planet. In just the year 2001, more than 650 million ink and toner cartridges from home or office use landed in a landfill. Additionally, every year, with the constant increase of computer and printer usage, the number significantly grows. Imagine the effect if every individual and business recycled their printer cartridges, future landfills could be used for other more enjoyable purposes such as recreational areas, schools, or nature preserves.
Conserving Resources
Remanufactured ink and toner cartridges are developed using recycled resources including plastic, rubber, steel, and aluminum. Remanufactured supplies help conserve natural resources and use a lot less energy than the needed for original products.
Research Suppliers
Even though, saving money and adopting eco-friendly practices are clearly main priorities, it is essential that consumers be careful when selecting an ink supplier. There are a variety of online suppliers who offer high quality ink and toner at low prices, but consumers should conduct research before making a final decision. The company should be reputable and guarantee that all remanufactured cartridge undergo the necessary testing and compatibility examinations. Also, consumers should inquire about discounts and look at other products offered by the company. Many companies offer products with recycled ink such as environmentally friendly travel shoes.


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