Playing in the Rain (W/W)


The kids were hopping from one puddle to the next! Love sun showers!


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  1. Fun! I loved to play in the rain as a child – especially the big, warm water puddles!

  2. Boy! You sure got large puddles. JDaniel would love them.

  3. My son has never seen a puddle he didn’t want to splash through, lol.

  4. LOL. My kids would have tried to jump and then sit in those puddles. What is it about puddles that are like a magnet to kids?

    Happy WW!

  5. What fun!

  6. SO much fun! I love rain pictures! 🙂

  7. Something about playing in the rain and puddles, that is so tempting.

  8. Sun showers are the best! I’m not always a fan of the rainy ones.

  9. Puddle jumping is always fun!

  10. So much fun! My kids ask to go play in the rain. Nutty kids they are!

  11. how fun!
    i know we would have so much fun playing in those puddles!!!!

  12. Aw, kids have fun with such simple things!

  13. I wish we could get some rain to play in!

  14. I forgot how fun that was!

  15. I used to love playing in puddles.

    Now I avoid them (and encourage my kids too)…

  16. How fun! we’ve been having dreary rainy days, your rain looks much nicer lol!

  17. I completely encourage puddle jumping!! Everyone of every age should do it at least once a year 😉

  18. Looks fun! My childhood street used to flood so much that we took paddleboats down it.

    -:¦:- WW: Black-Eyed Susan -:¦:-

  19. Oh how fun!!

  20. Those were the days! It looks like they were enjoying themselves.

  21. FUN! We have mosquitoes on steroids here or we would have been out playing in puddles this week! Love your photos thanks for stoppiing by the Zoo today.

  22. I used to love playing in the rain with my boys when they were little. Our favorite game was Wiffle Ball.
    Your kids look like they are having so much fun… I actually was splashing in the puddles with the doggies a couple of days ago. Sometimes you just have to do it. =)

  23. OMG I remember doing this as a kid.. wow you’s got the rain Luv the photos

  24. Looks like fun!!

  25. Playing in the rain is so fun!

  26. So fun! We’ve kinda forgotten what rain is here in Texas.

  27. That’s the way to make the best out of a situation!