The True Story of Puss n Boots Movie Review


There is a w Puss n Boots movie coming out soon, but did you knwo there was one a year or so ago?We love the Shrek movies. Everyone does, right? And who can resist Puss in the movie? He even has his own movie coming out soon.

Well, in 2009, The True Story of Puss n Boots came out with the voice of William Shatner. I was asked to review this movie and thought the kids would love it. Savannah was excited and so was I.

It’s about a farmer’s son who inherits a cat. The farmer’s son is in love with the princess that loves to sing and dance. However,  the evil court jester wants the princess too and is doing everything in his power to get her. The cat’s is a little odd, well all the charachter’s are a bit odd.But he does keep his promise to get the two together and they all live happily ever after.  Haha.

We watched about 15 minutes of the movie and Savannah had had enough. She did not like it. I thought it was kind of strange and dark and just weird. I have read other reviews and some of the reviewers have liked it and some have not. If you do decide to try it, don’t go into it thinking -Shrek. It has nothing to do with it.

However, a few days later I turned the movie back on. I wanted to watch the whole movie – to be fair. My son watched a little bit of it and Savannah watched it here and there. But I watched all of it. It was okay. I really can’t recommend this movie for little ones. Maybe over 8 years of age. And rent it at the library….


Have you seen it yet? What did you think?



I received a copy of this movie in order to facilitate this review


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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing this with the family.

  2. Thanks for writing this review, I was begining to thing I was crazy 🙂
    We totally fell for it (RedBox), but completly our fault! Evidently the real movie doesn’t even come out until Nov. (we are living under a rock raisin’ these kids! LOL) and they gives a clear description that it is *not* in any way like the Antonio B. one. (that we failed to read)
    My son LOVED it. Well to be fair anything with a sword in it he’ll watch, however I on the other hand knew I would never “get that time back” and chose to do some housework…
    I don’t know what this kind of movie is called, but the adults in this house are not big fans. Happily N’Ever After 2: Snow White (Netflix) is this type too…it’s just too ‘choppy’?
    Definitly agree with Anne on the age for both movies, 8+.
    Oh well, at least Max liked it and hey, we can actually still GO and see it in the theater -woah that would be new!

  3. Hmmm, maybe I should wait to rent it for the kids. They’re younger and have really short attention spans.

  4. I haven’t seen it yet, but the clips on tv looked like it might have been pretty funny. Too bad it wasn’t right for your family!

  5. Here I thought it was the same as the Shrek one. Now I really love THAT Puss n Boots!

  6. Great review!

  7. I realized this isn’t the Shrek one only because it’s coming to theaters & not DVD yet. Clever of this company to put this one out now though!

  8. Ok, I’m glad someone else is on the same page as me. I also received a copy to review (haven’t written it yet) and we did NOT like it. My five year old wanted it off after about 20 minutes, and my older kids weren’t interested at all. I don’t recommend it either. Thanks for sharing your honest post!

  9. Thank you for the review. I had no idea there was a first movie.